Company profile

Trust-IT is an SME specialised in market & technical research analyses in the field of ICT. Trust-IT designs and implements digital marketing and communication strategies for research and innovation actions and commercial initiatives worldwide

Founded in 2002, Trust-IT’s central asset is a highly-skilled, dynamic, international team that performs quality ICT market research and result-oriented stakeholder communication and engagement strategies, it also develops software tools and services working closely with SMEs, government and research institutions. Trust-IT is committed to drive forward new ideas, pinpoint market opportunities, create multi-stakeholder partnership and build international networks and communities. It has gained high expertise in the ICT areas, covering both the technological and human interaction aspects and creating innovative business models & exploitation plans.

Currently Trust-IT focuses its expertise into democratising access to complex technological knowledge and instruments, by developing effective communication strategies, engagement plans that provide a simple entry point in particular for SMEs and small teams in research and public administration in strategic ICT areas such as cybersecurity, ICT energy efficiency, cloud computing and research infrastructures.

We are proud of our portfolio of European and international initiatives. We enjoy working with a number of centers of excellence worldwide, as well as directly with some of the top influencers in fast-moving ICT sectors.

We are a multi-lingual, cross-disciplinary team of passionate and skilled individuals who:
  • Are skilled in understanding what ICT innovations are necessary in the Digital Single Market & work closely with Experts in Innovation & Policy
  • Are involved in cutting-edge projects undertaking formidable challenges, in the European & global scenario;
  • Are ICT divulgers & evangelists, supporting research teams in Europe to bring to market their results;
  • Are software developers of pragmatic ICT tools for international organisations, especially SMEs;
  • Foster innovative solutions across Europe and Globally;
  • Specialise in pan-European collaborations & European Commission’s Research Agenda opportunities;
  • Run sophisticated & complex projects in the fields of data & research infrastructures, European Science Cloud, 5G, Cybersecurity & Privacy, ICT Standards, Green ICT, and more…
We strongly believe in industry-academia collaboration & this mix combines academic, human & cultural standings able to steer the complexity of the innovation challenges in ICT today.