3rd European Materials Modelling Council (EMMC) International Workshop 2021

3rd European Materials Modelling Council (EMMC) International Workshop 2021


The 3rd EMMC International Workshop is going to take place in a virtual form this year, from 2 March to 4 March 2021. The workshop gives modellers, materials data scientists, software owners, translators and industrial R&D managers the opportunity to discuss future trends in the fields of materials and industrial research and policy. The event represents also a unique opportunity to establish potential solutions to the existing gaps in these fields.

During the workshop, a special attention will be dedicated to the discussion of the EMMC Focus Areas too (Modelling development, Interoperability, Digitalisation, Software, Impact in Industry and Policy). It follows on from the successful and highly collaborative EMMC International Workshops in 2017 and 2019 which were organised by the EMMC-CSA project. Since then, the EMMC ASBL was founded with the support of the community in 2019 and it is a testimony to the ongoing commitment of the materials modelling community that we have been able to organise the forthcoming workshop with similar breadth, depth and high quality of contributions as in past events.

Organised by the 6 Focus Areas of EMMC, there are 6 plenary talks and 12 individual sessions covering model development, interoperability, digitalisation, industrial software and modelling tools, translation and training, future game changes, the EMMC Roadmap and R&I funding landscape in Europe. Participants will be able to interact online, in session discussions and lounges, as well as in the EMMC Forum. You will hear from research and industry leaders, including end-user companies such as Airbus, Johnson Matthey, Total, Volkswagen, BASF and Evonik as well as software and service providers such as Siemens, Citrine, Keysight, MateriaNova, MaterialsZone, Matmatch, CMCL Innovations, QWED and WIKKI. For delegates interested in evolving the R&I funding landscape, there will be a plenary on Horizon Europe as well as a dedicated session with speakers covering Horizon Europe, the European Defence Fund, Digital Europe and JRC Directorate on Energy, Transport and Climate. All participants are also invited to contribute with their work. The format is open as long as an abstract is provided as well as a link to an online session organised by the participant during the Open Contributions and Virtual Stands Sessions on Day 1 and Day 2 of the workshop.

Participation in the workshop is free for EMMC Full Individual Members and up to 3 delegates from Organisational Members, and otherwise is €120 (+VAT) per delegate. If you decide to become an EMMC Full Individual Member ( €150 (+VAT) per year), it will provide you beside a free participation in EMMC2021 a number of additional benefits.

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Publication date: 24Feb2021