2nd CYBERWISER.eu Open Pilots Workshop

2nd CYBERWISER.eu Open Pilots Workshop


    Your chance to train your staff, for free

    Prepare your company to face cybersecurity threats and attacks

    Lille, 31st January 2020 – Lille Grand Palais, 1 Boulevard des Cités Unies, 59777

    Despite rising concerns about information security risks, companies and organisations around Europe are desperate for cybersecurity talent. This is especially true for SMEs, as as they often lack both the time and resources to attract, hire, train, retain, and equip such talent.

    This workshop will give the opportunity to SMEs to define a customised learning path based on their specific needs and train their staff for free by joining the Open Pilot programme of the CYBERWISER.eu project. The Open Pilot programme allow SMEs to freely use the risk-centred, capacity building platform, combining a theoretical and practical approach to cybersecurity with innovative features including a cutting edge cyber range.


    Content of the workshop

    The workshop is a mix of motivational, panel and training sessions in which attendees will get the chance to know the key elements of the CYBERWISER.eu online platform through a live demo, define with the CYBERWISER.eu experts their own customisable training pathway to specifically fit their needs and actually test the platform through an interactive session involving a simple exercise in a simulated environment.

    The workshop will also introduce attendees to complementary tools and services to support the cybersecurity needs of SMEs coming from other European R&I initatives.

    Who should attend?

    The workshop is for organisations, especially but not limited to SMEs, seeking a qualified entry point to cybersecurity training and advisory services.
    Given that cybersecurity is not just an IT issue, the workshop will cater for both IT specialists and a wider audience including employees from all departments and at all levels of seniority.

    What's in it for me?

    If you're looking for guidance or a complete cybersecurity solution for your organisation, seize the opportunity to get in front of Europe's leading cybersecurity experts!

    By participating you can:

    • Present your organisation to the workshop attendees in a dedicated session
    • Discuss the specific needs of your cybersecurity training pilot with the CYBERWISER.eu team
    • Test the platform in a live session
    • Meet cybersecurity experts from all over Europe and build your network

    The bottom line

    • Jumpstart your own Pilot with CYBERWISER.eu: Gain hands-on experience on the platform and outline the specs of your pilot with our team of experts.
    • Get to know complementary cybersecurity tools and services: Practical tools and services as well as opportunities to synergies with initiatives such as CONCORDIA, CyberSec4Europe, ECHO, SPARTA, Cyberwatching.eu and SMESEC.
    Publication date: 15Jan2020