The 5G User Forum welcomes 5G-MAG onboard

The 5G User Forum welcomes 5G-MAG onboard

07 Oct 2021
5G User Forum

The number of industry verticals joining 3GPP has grown exponentially in recent years as more companies see the value 5G creates in terms of driving digital transformation as efficiently as possible.

Run by a group of market representation partners in 3GPP, the 5G User Forum was quick to see the value of supporting verticals in contributing to 5G standardisation when it hosted its first event back in early 2019. Roll on to 2021 and the Forum has grown into a global community connecting verticals and the telecom industry to lower barriers and drive common and priority requirements.

Run by the 5G Infrastructure Association (5G-IA), 5G Automotive Association (5GAA), 5G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation (5G-ACIA), Public Safety Communications Europe (PSCE), the Forum organises timely deep dives into new standardisation work, where verticals can get involved in the all-important drive on global standards.

The Forum has now welcomed on board the 5G Media Action group, “with the development of 5G and the paradigm shift with respect to industry engagement, new services and business opportunities in many market sectors, we believe that the media industry is one of those where benefits along the entire value chain can be expected”, says 5G-MAG Chair, Antonio Arcidiacono.

The Forum is key to keeping companies up to date on 5G technologies and supporting coordination of standards globally. “Global standards benefit everyone in industry. We have not only worked towards lowering entry barriers for industry verticals but have also helped them build consensus by focusing on their common and priority requirements”, says Stephanie Parker, Vice Chair of the 5G-IA Pre-Standardization Working Group and 5G User Forum.

Antonio Arcidiacono concludes, “with 5G-MAG, the media and ICT industries have an opportunity to collaborate on the implementation of 5G to face the challenges and needs of the global media landscape”.

About 5G-MAG

The 5G Media Action Group is an association bridging the global media and ICT industries. Our members, drawn from the entire value chain, work together to understand and shape future technologies for media production, contribution and distribution. We analyse what 3GPP standards can do for media; define new use cases and applications for the technologies coming to the market; develop requirements to improve 5G specifications; and offer a collaborative framework to foster discussion, consensus towards standardisation and a market-driven implementation of the 5G specifications for media.


Trust-IT leads the joint organisation of the 5G User Events with representatives from the 3GPP MRPs: Maxime Flament, CTO of 5GAA, Andreas Mueller, Chair of 5G-ACIA, David Lund, PSCE, Georg Mayer, 3GPP TSG SA Chairman, Roland Beutler, 5G-MAG, SWR and 3GPP, Didier Bourse, Nokia and Full5G, Raffaele De Peppe, Telecom Italia, Chair of the 5G-IA Verticals Task Force, Paul Voskar, Huawei, 3GPP, 5GAA flanked by observers from 5G-IA and ETSI.


Publication date: 07 Oct 2021