digiNEB.eu at the SCWEC 2022 - Main Highlights

22 Nov 2022

The digiNEB.eu project was presented at the Barcelona Smart Cities World Expo Congress (SCWEC2022) which took place from November 15-17, 2022 as part of the European Commission initiative European Smart Cities and Communities - This was the first time the event included several projects promoting the New European Bauhaus (NEB) initiative.  Here is a run down of the main highlights of the event for digiNEB.

Data-driven co-creation (15.11.22)

On the first day of the congress, digiNEB.eu was presented at the European Commission boot session “Data-driven co-creation”, where Claudio de Majo and Rita Giuffrida, digiNEB.eu team members from Trust-IT Services, presented the project’s key elements that will constitute: 

  • A toolkit of digital solutions for the NEB community;
  • An observatory of best practices and success stories;
  • Technical working groups (TWG) across domains relevant to NEB;
  • E-learning modules on the most relevant digital tools;
  • A community of NEB actors.

The digiNEB.eu team shared the floor with Tomáš Vácha, EERA - The European Energy Research Alliance member and Dirk Ahlers, from the CRAFT project, who set the tone for us by discussing dataspaces in urban contexts and their future scenarios. The panel was moderated by Serge Novaretti, Policy and Programme Officer at the European Commission.

Digital twins and resilience (16.11.22)

On the second day, after joining numerous panel discussions at the EC booth, Rita Giuffrida made a presentation at the Green Agora Session “Digitals Twins for local decision-makers,” discussing the benefits of digital twins for potential users and digiNEB.eu potential contribution to the EU’s digital sovereignty.  The session was moderated by Cristina Martinez, Deputy head for the DG Smart technologies for communities at the EC and supported by Serge Novaretti. It also featured talks from Lieven Raes (DUET project),  Gabriela Ruseva (Living in EU project and movement), Marcos António Nogueira (AURORAL project), and Martin Brynskov (DS4SSCC project).

On the same day, digiNEB.eu project partner and member of the NEB high-level roundtable, Michela Magas, delivered the closing keynote speech at the ICC Mayors Forum and ICC Conference, “Towards a green, digital and resilient economy.”

Urban dataspaces and standardisation (17.11.22)

Finally, the digiNEB.eu team joined the Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC) lunchtime session on challenges and opportunities to improve standardisation processes and data spaces in urban contexts on the third day. The session was organised by the digiNEB.eu sister project, DS4SSCC.


Our role

Trust-IT is the technical coordinator of the digiNEB.eu project and work package leader connected to dissemination, communication, outreach, roadmap and sustainability.

At the SCWEC 2022, the team represented digiNEB.eu in panel discussions and joined ad-hoc meetings to facilitate collaboration activities with digital industrial players, and EU-funded initiatives connected to sustainable living spaces also took the opportunity to join  

Follow digiNEB.eu’s journey supporting the building of a digital ecosystem for the New European Bauhaus by visiting their project website (https://digineb.eu/) and following the project on:
•    Linkedin linkedin.com/company/digineb  
•    Twitter twitter.com/digineb 
•    Instagram instagram.com/digineb.eu 

The digiNEB.eu Consortium: TU Delft (Financial and Administrative Coordinator), Trust-IT Services (Technical Coordinator), COMMpla, Industry Commons Foundation, European Association for Architectural Education, InnovaWood 

Are you interested in knowing more about the New European Bauhaus? Visit the official NEB website for more information.

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Publication date: 22 Nov 2022

Article by

Claudio De Majo