Policy Cloud Policies Against Radicalisation: Workshop 2

Policy Cloud Policies Against Radicalisation: Workshop 2


On the 2nd of December 2021, Policy Cloud held the Second Edition Workshop entitled Policy Cloud Policies Against Radicalisation at the NH Machiavelli in Milan, Italy. The first workshop was organised as a virtual event on the 26th of April 2021 due to the Covid-19 situation. 

The event, organised by the Maggioli Group in the framework of the European project, Policy Cloud, was created with the aim of bringing together security managers operating at local, regional, and national levels, supporting them through free workshops to cross the challenge of radicalisation (such as political, religious, ideological, etc.). The event offered innovative tools for the monitoring, identification, analysis, and prevention of potential radicalisation risks while allowing attendees to interact with other stakeholders (data analysis experts, sociologists, etc.).

The full range of Policy Cloud services will be used to transform the raw data into actionable knowledge which is of practical value to policy creators. For instance, analytics tools such as sentiment analysis and opinion mining software will be applied to Twitter data to identify radicalisation efforts and link those efforts to particular terrorist groups or attacks. Analytics will also be used to segment radicalisation efforts demographically, visualise radicalisation trends, and assign risk profiles to individual suspects. Analysis activities will respect the privacy requirements established within the Policy Cloud  Ethics Framework.

Trust-IT’s Role

Prior to the event, Trust-IT was in charge of creating the promotional material, disseminating it and gathering participants for the event with web forms on the Policy Cloud website that we created from scratch.

The role of Trust-IT during the event was to collect information and material that could be helpful to disseminate to raise awareness on the project's activities and create post-event communication materials. We attended the event to shoot pictures and record interviews of the participants and of the speaker, giving everyone the possibility to rewatch the event remotely or watch the highlights.


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Publication date: 03Jan2022