Papà’s preaching really works in the context of opportunities for EU SMEs & H2020

I was recently invited by the KTN, London UK  - Thank you George! to provide an ICT intensive SME’s take on delivering successful cloud projects in H2020. So, I wanted to provide a few take-aways here that I have put into practice and which actually boil down to some “from the heart” advice from my late father – “Papà (‹Pa·pà›)[for correct pronunciation please visit the”] as he was known to us, growing up in an Italian, immigrant household in Bedfordshire, UK. My Father, Rocco, strict is too soft a word to describe him; scared the hell out of me, but managed to engulf me with his daily burst of lessons in life. At the time, I would roll my eyes at him but can seriously say I now adopt in my every day working life in running two dynamic SMEs and being a mother of two.
So rather than tips & guidelines on why an SME should participate in H2020 programmes this is more of a “do the following & you won’t be disappointed”.
Be aware that you are applying to be part of an excellence group, where you get to collaborate with the best EU minds, working with clients you respect and can learn from as well as supporting IT digital growth is simply truly inspiring - Papa’s motto being “Always stick around people who are smarter than you!” Your network where your reputation is everything and your will to pull out something great & sustainable is key, if you are around smart people your project is likelier to succeed. So, do try to apply to H2020, it is one healthy way of confronting yourself with the rest of Europe and therefore evolving your company’s perspective.
Don’t just apply to everything because you want the funding, make your participation part of your business model to guarantee the best results and ensure what you deliver is not “content-free” Papà: “do something you enjoy, know what you’re talking about and, if you don’t, then just keep your mouth shut”. Smart man! I’d love to say that to a few people I meet. J
When thinking whom to work with, in addition to the smart minds, know that every partner is essential, H2020 provides no room for passengers, each has to have a clear role  Papà: “Don’t be around lazy people, they will get nowhere in life”.
Write clear proposals: Ultimately, project evaluators have little time to understand and they are reassured by “clear & simple” – rarely impressed by unnecessarily “complicated”. Papà: “Always say what you mean”. Again, Smart man.J
& Finally Be nice & put your money where your mouth is, it will make your life & your consortia’s life easy and you will be called upon again to work on future H2020 initiatives, because you are a walker rather than a talker!
Thanks Papà! On all of the above
Grazie Papà  - We owe you big time !
Publication date: 24 Nov 2015