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Cloudscape Series

Brief description

Cloudscape is a series of annual workshops with high international impact, now in its seventh edition. It takes a practical approach to the latest developments in cloud computing, with attention also to the future internet and big data. It looks at the business benefits of cloud computing, from both a provider and user perspective. The excellent networking opportunities offer a more relaxed, informal setting for participants to make new connections.

Our role

Trust-IT spearheaded the high-profile in 2009, successfully transforming it into a self-sustained event since 2013. With the support of a distinguished Programme Committee, Cloudscape attracts movers and shakers from across the globe. Experts offer insights into current and future directions, European funding and international policy dialogue. A key feature is the Demo Zone showcasing exciting new cloud-based products and services.
Trust-IT is also the driving force behind Cloudscape Brazil I and II (2014 and 2015) organised through the EU Brazil Cloud Connect project. 
 "It is now important to take a practical approach to the latest advances in technology and lessons learnt in the field. Cloudscape is legendary for bringing together the interested parties from all technical constituencies to work on advancing the common knowledge”, Joe Baguley, Chief Technologist, VMware
Cloudscape VII “The devil is in the data, the value is in the ...?
9-10 March 2015, Brussels
Time is the enemy of data. Data that has enormous value the moment it’s created but less or even no value an hour, a minute, or even a second from now. Time-to-value is becoming more urgent every day. A key theme of Cloudscape VII is finding new ways to identify and act on fast-moving, valuable data in real time based on a practical, hands-on approach led by global experts.

Duration and funding

Oct 2014

Cloudscape Workshops I to IV were funded as part of two consecutive European projects, OGF-Europe and the SIENA initiative. It is a self-sustained event since 2013.

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