Brief description

Delta Diemaking was born in 2015, an innovative idea from a group of experts in the die-cutting and paper converting industry. It was founded as a manufacturing company of CNC die-cutting machines and soon had an international presence.

Delta Diemaking was subsequently acquired by Quattro.Zero srl, a company already present in the CNC machinery sector which was looking to expand its market offer.

Dec 2020 Still active
Digital Marketing & Communication
Delta Diemaking logo

Our role

We have been contacted by Delta Diemaking in December 2020 in order to start planning a new communication strategy.

The first step was a complete redesign of Delta's website.

The second step was to open Delta Diemaking social media channels on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Youtube. 

On these channels, we have started an integrated communication strategy that uses the website as the central landing point. We generally post about Delta’s products and their features. From these posts, interested viewers can go deeper by following the links that lead to Delta's website.

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