Brief description

EUBra-BIGSEA focused on the development of advanced QoS services for Big Data applications, demonstrated in the scope of the Massive Connected Societies. EUBra-BIGSEA developed a QoS architecture that predicts resource consumption of Big Data Analytics applications in order to pre-allocate and dynamically adjust virtualized infrastructures. EUBra-BIGSEA leveraged mixed horizontal and vertical elasticity on hybrid container and VM infrastructures to support a rich Data Analytic framework powered by OPHIDIA, COMPSs and Spark, which were enriched with these capabilities. EUBra-BIGSEA is an API-oriented project (that is, it is oriented to service and application developers). It eased the development of Data Analytics application and improved performance and better usage of resources, as well as a sound framework for implementing privacy policies. EUBra-BIGSEA was demonstrated on a data-intensive use case on traffic information prediction and recommendation from the municipality data of Curitiba, in Brazil. The final application targets general citizens, who can have a predictive information based on climate conditions and historic data. EUBra-BIGSEA was an international initiative, designed to create and reinforce international cooperation between Europe and Brazil, and contribute to technology and knowledge exchange between the two.

Feb 2016 to Dec 2018
Cloud Strategies
International Cooperation & Networking

Our role

Trust-IT leads the activities of communication, engagement and community building, including strategic planning and impact assessment.
It also drives the analysis of past and future EU-Brazil policy co-operation and the impact of joint collaborative work on cloud computing and big data. 
Trust-it is also responsible for the strategy for exploitation and sustainability and for creating new business models.
We bring our expertise in standards to support the implementation and testing of standards to make the cloud infrastructure interoperable across different systems and borders.

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On the European side, EUBra-BIGSEA was funded by the European Commission under the Cooperation Programme, Horizon 2020 grant agreement No 690116.