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EUBrazilOpenBio: Open data and cloud computing e-infrastructure for biodiversity

Brief description

EU-BrazilOpenBio successfully created a bridge between Brazil and Europe, not only to advance scientific research on biodiversity as a key societal challenge but also across different ways of working and on the need for standards. The focus of EU-Brazil OpenBio was on open access, not only of the data but also of tools and resources that biodiversity researchers need to make breakthroughs in a very challenging domain. The initiative played a key role in facilitating further co-operation between Brazil and Europe on global social challenges. New opportunities for future collaborative work were identified in the EU-Brazil OpenBio Joint Action Plan (November 2013), where Trust-IT was the main analyst and author.

Our role

Trust-IT analysed EU-Brazil policy co-operation and the impact of joint collaborative work on biodiversity informatics, cloud computing and data, including socio-economic aspects. We were also leaders of communication and eTraining, broadcasting the impact of international co-operation on common priorities.

Trust-IT is the main author of the EUBrazilOpenBio Joint Action Plan for an increase in EU-Brazil science & research cooperation, a plan to further collaborative research on biodiversity targets as a grand global challenge - publications.

Duration and funding

Oct 2011 to Sep 2013

On the European side, EUBrazilOpenBio received funding from the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme.


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