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EUMEDGrid Support

Brief description

EUMEDGRID-Support wanted to build on the successful outcomes of EUMEDGRID (2006-2008) project and spotlight Europe and the Mediterranean and Middle-east regions through an open dialogue aimed at increasing stakeholder and community awareness on the fundamental importance of e-Infrastructures with the ultimate goal of ensuring long-term sustainability.

Our role

We were in charge of the dissemination management: branding and graphic design of website and dissemination collaterals (e.g. posters, fliers, booklets); organisation of events (policy meetings, workshops, exhibition stands, e.g. ICT2010); support of policy dialogue between Europe and the Mediterranean countries; communication strategy; press and media relations in Europe and Mediterranean countries; communicating outcomes of synergies for training and skill development, international cooperation and distributed computing. Quality Assurance monitored through KPIs, particularly for community development and trainees to enable infrastructure usage.

Duration and funding

Jan 2011 to Dec 2012


A sample of our work