Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG) was founded in 1927. UFMG is a public institution of higher education of excellence, recognized as a national reference in terms of academic-scientific production. UFMG offers 75 undergraduate programs and 70 graduate programs in all areas of knowledge, with about 50 thousand students. The undergraduate program in Computer Science has been consistently ranked as the best in the country in the recent years. Moreover, the Ministry of Education has ranked UFMG, along with two other institutions, the best graduate programs in the country. The Department of Computer Science (DCC) at UFMG has 12 researchers directly involved in this project, in addition to undergraduate, masters and PhD students. The researchers have expertise in several research areas strongly correlated with the EUBra-BIGSEA proposal, such as big data analysis, large scale parallel and distributed systems, data mining algorithms, performance evaluation models, user behaviour modelling and social computing, cloud computing, network measurement and data visualization. UFMG coordinates the project from the Brazilian side and is a key contributor in the activites related to the monitoring tools and performance models for providing quality of service in cloud infrastructures. UFMG is also involved in the work on the data analytics services as well as on the abstraction layer. UFMG contributes to the security requirements specification as well as on data security at the storage layer as well as on all the tasks related to the massively connected society use case and in proposing mechanisms for establishing the liaisons with public and private sector industry.

https://www.ufmg.br/ Brazil