While current data processing predominantly occurs in centralized facilities, with a minor portion handled by smart objects, a shift is anticipated, with a surge in data originating from smart devices. This evolution necessitates reconfiguring the infrastructure, emphasising computing capabilities at the cloud's "edge" closer to data sources. This change symbolises the merging of cloud, edge, and IoT technologies into a unified network infrastructure - a Computing Continuum - poised to redefine tech interactions, offering novel prospects across diverse sectors. The computing continuum is emerging as a cornerstone of tech advancement in the contemporary digital era.

This paper provides an in-depth exploration of the computing continuum, highlighting its potential, practical implications, and the adjustments required to tackle existing challenges. It emphasises the continuum's real-world applications, market trends, and its significance in shaping Europe's tech future.

Monday, September 25, 2023 EUCloudEdgeIoT White Papers & Policy Briefs Cloud, Edge, IoT, AI, Data Mapping Cloud-Edge-IoT opportunities and challenges in Europe