SmartCHANGE: Fostering solutions for
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04 Feb 2024
SmartCHANGE cover for the World Cancer Day

Technology is now pivotal in addressing health challenges, with the EU backing researchers in the race against cancer through programs like Horizon Europe Programme (including Mission Cancer), the EU4Health Programme, the Digital Europe Programme, the Euratom Programme, and the Interregional Innovation Investments funding instrument, crucial for advancing research and technology effectively.

Among the diseases urging a united effort to tackle prevention and health protection challenges are non-communicable diseases (NCDs). SmartCHANGE, an innovative Horizon-Europe project supported by Trust-IT, employs advanced AI technology to combat NCDs, particularly in children and youth. 

SmartCHANGES’ mission against NCDs

SmartCHANGE embodies a commitment to reshape the narrative and context of NCDs. In a world marked by the substantial impact of unhealthy lifestyle choices on global mortality, the project is dedicated to preventing and reducing the effects of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in children and youth. Central to SmartCHANGE's strategy is the development of trustworthy, AI-based decision-support tools. These tools go beyond assessing the risk of NCDs in young populations; they actively promote optimised risk-lowering strategies. SmartCHANGE seeks to revolutionise health monitoring and wellness encouragement for the next generation by engaging health professionals and communities.

SmartCHANGE recognises that impactful change requires collaboration. Actively engaging with family units and health professionals across four countries to design an engaging and efficient health monitoring app, the project compiles diverse datasets to inform its AI-driven models. These collaborative efforts extend beyond research, aiming to integrate SmartCHANGE's findings and tools into healthcare systems and encourage informed, healthy lifestyle choices.

The collaborative fight for a healthier future

SmartCHANGE continues the fight against NCDs. The project's dedication to leveraging technology, fostering collaboration, and promoting health positions it as a driving force for change. Together, we can build a world where health prevails over illness and every individual has the opportunity for a vibrant, healthy future.

Our role

Trust-IT leads the WP8 on Communication, Dissemination, and Exploitation in the project’s sizable consortium. As the project's communication partner, Trust-IT takes charge of crafting and executing comprehensive communication strategies. This includes managing the project's website and social media channels and overseeing outreach efforts to other projects and institutions. Trust-IT goes beyond traditional communication tasks, providing crucial support in exploitation activities and assisting other partners in event management and information dissemination. The expertise and dedication of Trust-IT contribute significantly to SmartCHANGE's visibility, fostering collaboration, and ensuring the impactful dissemination of project outcomes.

To learn more about Smartchange’s efforts to promote health, visit the project’s official website and social media (X and LinkedIn).

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Publication date: 05 Feb 2024

Article by

Diego Dylan Domenici

Communication, Dissemination, & Outreach Specialist