Understand your attack surface and get cyber secure with the newly launched tools CyberWISER Essential and CyberWISER Plus

Understand your attack surface and get cyber secure with the newly launched tools CyberWISER Essential and CyberWISER Plus

If the WannaCry attack taught us something, it is the validity of a risk-based management approach to cyber security. 
The Internet and digital services play an increasing role in our daily lives and have a growing impact on society, with citizens and organisations relying on information and communication technologies in all economic sectors, as well as all public services. However, along with the benefits come an array of cyber risks, from online fraud to hackers taking control of IT systems.  Cybersecurity is of critical importance for small businesses, large companies, public administrations and everyone involved in the digital economy. Millions of euros are lost to cyber-crime each year and online security is a growing concern for businesses, with attacks increasing against large corporate business, critical infrastructures but also small enterprises that lack the time, money and human resources to dedicate to consolidating their cyber risk resilience.
The best response to proliferating cyber risks is a risk-based cyber strategy. This is where the CyberWISER suite of tools and service packages come into play. 
To make cyber risk management affordable and doable by organisations of all types and services, the WISER project has come up with a user-friendly framework with the first launch of CyberWISER Essential and CyberWISER Plus. These two advanced and innovative services offer much-needed features in the cyber risk management process: real-time monitoring and assessment of cyber risks.  
CyberWISER Essential Trust-IT Services

CyberWISER Essential is a Cyber Threat Detection and Monitoring tool that allows you to understand how your IT system could be targeted. It gives a snapshot risk analysis and security alerts. The service is designed for non-technical managers such as CEOs, Financial managers and Operations Managers and provides information that helps to assess the risk even in terms of potential economic loss, as well as the resources needed to avert such risk.

CyberWISER Plus Trust-IT Services

CyberWISER Plus is instead a Rapid Cyber Threat Detection and Response tool that allows you to increase protection levels of your IT system, while also improving company-wide awareness and finding the best mitigation measures with cost-benefit analysis.

With CyberWISER Essential and CyberWISER Plus, users can therefore monitor and manage their cyber risks much more effectively with insightful, at-a-glance information about risks, vulnerabilities and incidents detected. The services provide both quantitative and qualitative data, enabling service users to align information about security alerts with key business decisions helping to reduce gap between executive and IT personnel.  
On top this, CyberWISER Plus includes a consultancy support service that can be tailored to specific business needs by the CyberWISER team of cyber security experts. An invaluable human resource that can help raise awareness amongst all company decision makers, enabling the co-development of an effective cyber risk management strategy and facilitating incident reporting to competent national authorities.
Watch the video to discover how you can benefit from the new CyberWISER tools:

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Publication date: 01Jun2017