Trust-IT is an international marketing & research organisation specialised in fostering Information and Communication Technology solutions across Europe and globally

About us

Trust-IT is a UK firm specialised in analysing and marketing Information and Communication Technologies across Europe and globally. Founded in 2002, Trust-IT’s central asset is a highly-skilled, dynamic, international team that performs quality ICT market research and designs & implements tailor-made, pragmatic & effective communication plans.
We are proud of our portfolio of European and international initiatives. We enjoy working with a number of centers of excellence worldwide, as well as directly with some of the top influencers in fast-moving ICT sectors. We receive growing international recognition of our expertise in ICT and we are passionate about thriving areas such as cloud services, data management and ICT security.
Trust-IT is backed by a network of international experts, partnering with some of the movers and shakers in key ICT areas, from cloud computing, future internet and standards, to big data and research infrastructures.
With headquarters in Middlesex, UK, we have operational offices in the heart of Tuscany, Italy, in downtown Pisa, where we also synergise with the stimulating ICT-research environment.
End-to-end communication services
  • Building an active online community: Through website and social media tools.
  • Social media campaigns: From planning and setting up your landing pages to creating great content with luring language, the best route to having a real impact online.
  • A strong online presence: Trust-IT’s web designers & communication team bring expertise in SEO & copywriting to design, layout & content for your web platform.
  • Press & Media: Copywriting skills & network of press and media contacts we can ensure the right visibility for you.
  • Branding: Having the right look for your initiative is key. Catchy pay-offs, sublime logos and exciting design will mean that you have the most eye-catching & memorable image.
  • Event organisation: We’ll help you to get the best out of your event. Be it a meeting, workshop or conference, we’ll ensure a dynamic, content-rich & stimulating event.   From agenda design, targeted participant recruitment, online presence, on-site management, networking & post-impact reporting.
Research & business strategy
  • Market research & strategy: A keen eye for the Information Technology market and research trends makes us the ideal choice for market positioning and feasibility studies.
  • ICT standards: We have long-lasting collaborations with the major standards groups, and we routinely assess and discuss impact & evolution of relevant standards in ICT.
  • ICT ecosystems: Analysing the sustainability potential of complex ICT systems, typically requiring business models, operational and business plans, a legal entity and agreement on IPR issues.
  • Business modelling: A systematic, process-centered approach covering all key drivers for sustainability, from market potential, to assets & infrastructures, designing business model canvases and delivering business plans.

A sample of our work