hsbooster webinar

Organised under the remit of HSBooster.eu, this online workshop will connect the dots between AI standardisation expertise and domain-specific knowledge. Participants will gain insights from a series of project use cases that illustrate practical applications and the potential for standardisation in various operational contexts. Through this event, participants can also gain a deeper understanding of how standardisation can drive innovation, efficiency, and harmonisation across industries.


This webinar acts as the opening event in a series designed to explore the intersections of AI and standardisation. Each session will delve into different aspects of standardisation and AI-related topics, offering an opportunity for knowledge exchange.

Agenda:  (in CEST)



Introduction & overview of the workshop series - Maria Giuffrida, HSbooster.eu

11:05- 11:25

AI Standardisation: Ensuring interoperability, procurement, and ecosystem growth in standardisation - Renaud di Francesco, SonyEurope, CEN-CLC JTC 21


The experience of EU-funded projects, presentations and panel discussions moderated by Isabel Caetano, IPQ, Chair of the Technical Committee for AI


  • Hrvoje Keko, SYNERGY project, AI in energy

  • Rada Hussein, IDERHA project, AI in healthcare

  • Rita Giuffrida, MobiSpaces project, AI in mobility

  • Christos Emmanouilidis, STAR project, AI in manufacturing


Interactive session, moderated by Farshid Amirabdollahian, University of Hertfordshire


Wrap-up and next steps, Maria Giuffrida, HSbooster.eu


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