Webinar: Developing new EOSC-Core components for a FAIRer Open Science ecosystem

11 Oct 2022

The Horizon Europe project FAIRCORE4EOSC is going to work with domain-specific case studies and the wider Open Science community to develop and realise nine new components for the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).  

Leveraging existing technologies and services, these new EOSC-Core components will improve the discoverability and interoperability of an increased amount of research outputs, contributing to the long-term vision of a Web of FAIR Data.

In this first official webinar, we are going to explore the overall objectives of the project and technical framework, and host a panel with experts from different actors of the Open Science landscape, to discuss the potential impact and the key challenges ahead.

Check out the full programme and registration on FAIRCORE4EOSC Webinar page.


Our role

Trust-IT takes part in the Work Package on Early Adoption, Dissemination, Outreach and Exploitation, specifically by leading two key tasks in dissemination and adoption and stakeholder engagement.

Trust-IT fully organised this event getting in contact with the speakers, promoting the event in an omnichannel way, collecting information and material that could be helpful to disseminate to raise awareness of the project's activities, and creating this post-event report. We provided also IT support during the event taking care of the recording, and giving everyone the possibility to rewatch the webinar or watch the highlights.


Register now to join the first FAIRCORE4EOSC webinar and learn more about the FAIR initiatives contributing to the European Open Science ecosystem.


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Publication date: 11 Oct 2022

Article by

Friederike Schmidt-Tremmel

Senior Analyst