The Horizon Results Booster (HRB) is a new package of three specialised services delivered to all ongoing and closed FP7 and H2020 projects at no cost and fully supported by the European Commission.
Projects funded by other Programmes than the FP7 and H2020 are eligible too if they join a Project Group led by a project funded under the FP7 and H2020 programme.

The Horizon Results Booster (HRB) aims to provide a tangible contribution to the dissemination of results and recommendations of research projects related to the European Commission Priority areas.
Trust-IT is one of the founding Partners of HRB and proudly delivers the Portfolio Dissemination services (Service 1, Module A and Module B).  

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The Services: What's in it for your project?


The three HRB services provide capacity building to:

  • Service 1 - Portfolio Dissemination and Exploitation Strategy (PDES): Increase the dissemination potential of your project's research results through the creation of a cluster of similar projects.
  • Service 2 - Business Plan Development (BPD): Increase your project's research results exploitation potential.
  • Service 3 - Go-To-Market Support (G2M): Support your project's Go-To-Market strategy.

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Services Activities Eligibility
Service 1 – Portfolio Dissemination and Exploitation Strategy (PDES)

Module A: Identification and creation of the portfolio of R&I project results

Delivered by:

  • Identification of similar projects to form a project group.
  • Identification of portfolio results.
  • Mapping of relevant Stakeholders.
Single projects & project groups.

Module B: Portfolio Dissemination Plan (design and execution)

Delivered by:

  • Design of a joint dissemination plan.
  • Creation of graphic material for joint activities.
  • Capacity building to improve your communication and dissemination skills.
  • Support on copywriting, social media activities, etc.
Project groups.
Module C: Assisting projects to improve their existing exploitation strategy   
  • Review of key exploitable results.
  • Review of the exploitation plan and identification of the exploitation path.
  • Stakeholders identification in the value chain.
  • Support for exploitation risk analysis.
Single projects.
Service 2 – Business Plan Development (BPD) Assist beneficiaries to bring their results closer to the market by developing an effective business plan. Single projects.
Service 3 – Go-To-Market Support (G2M) Support to Pitching, IPR guidance, Innovation management, Business services, exploitation options, access to non-EU funding. Single projects & project groups with high Technology Readiness Levels (>6) and mature projects.




Our Role & How it works

Trust-IT Services provides the Service 1 –  Portfolio Dissemination and Exploitation Strategy (PDES) - Module A and Module B.

After your application for a module in which we are involved is approved, you will work with our dissemination and exploitation experts on the specific activities of the module you have applied for. The table below provides a detailed description of these activities.

Services Activities Activity description Duration
Service 1 – Module A Forming the Project Group The project group is formed based on the research field of its participants. The project group participants register on the workspace and complete a pre-assessment questionnaire. 35 Days.
R&I results project portfolio delivery Identification of the project group objectives and of a set of results where joint dissemination is beneficial.
Stakeholder/Targeted Audience Mapping Mapping of stakeholders and dissemination channels to increase the dissemination network of the project group.
Preparation of the final report Preparation of the final report based on the output of the previous steps. valuation feedback from the Project Group gathered.
Services Activities Activity description Duration
Service 1 – Module B Design of the Project Group Portfolio Dissemination Plan The Project Group is provided with the first draft of its practical Portfolio Dissemination Plan of joint dissemination objectives. 120 days.
Creation of the Project Group dissemination materials Industrialised approach to the development of a Project Group visual identity, such as Project Group logo, video animation and factsheet.
Convergence The Portfolio Dissemination Plan, visual identity dissemination materials and the topics of the capacity building course are reviewed and approved by the Project Group.
Capacity building and execution of the Portfolio Dissemination Plan (PDP)
  • Online capacity building course suited to help the Project Group realise the Portfolio Dissemination Plan and fix their shortages in communication and dissemination is delivered and completed by the Project Group participants.
  • The Project Group selects one or two of the available standard "Dissemination Expert Packages" to receive support on the execution of the Portfolio Dissemination Plan.






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