2nd DestinE Service Platform Innovation Prize - Visualising a More Inclusive DestinE Platform

2nd DestinE Service Platform Innovation Prize - Visualising a More Inclusive DestinE Platform

29 Mar 2024
DestinE Service Platform Prize

Importance of this Challenge for DestinE

The future stability of global political, economic, and social institutions depends on radical environmental innovations today. The development of a Digital Twin of the Earth is a pivotal step forward in reimagining this abstract and uncertain future. DestinE is already groundbreaking in its conception, with ECMWF, ESA, and EUMETSAT (3E) leveraging advanced technological infrastructures and comprehensive datasets to deliver climate change solutions, with predictive modelling to alleviate future consequences. 

The success of the DestinE Platform depends on the ability of users to navigate the DestinE Platform, discovering and exploiting data to generate informative outcomes that respond to their specific needs and perspectives. In order to make this possible, DestinE needs to hear from its beneficiaries on what data and services they require to ensure their DestinE experience is optimised. 

What is the Challenge?

DestinE demands collaboration from its community of stakeholders and participants to capture the full scope of potential future challenges and threats and to be prepared with cutting-edge solutions. This challenge is an opportunity for the DestinE community of policymakers, decision makers, scientists, and industry experts to showcase their imagination and ingenuity, highlight their specific needs and interests, and help develop a DestinE platform that capitalises on this wide range of knowledge. 

This online challenge is a chance for participants, under the guidance of 3E experts, to explore the DestinE ecosystem, discover its capabilities, and mock-up an idea for a service that provides a solution for an imagined future challenge. The intention is to tap into the imagination of participants, capturing unique ideas and scenarios that can inform DestinE capabilities. The challenge revolves around user creativity and encourages participants to provide solutions that stretch beyond traditional thinking. 

How to Participate

Prior to undertaking this task and to have a better understanding of the full context of the challenge, it is recommended to watch the Kickoff recording, as well as explore the stories from 2050 data book published by the EU for inspiration. 

While working in teams is encouraged, individual proposals and visualisations will also be accepted. Group or individual proposals should be submitted by 21 April 2024, delivered as a 500 work proposal pitch, a 50 word summary, include descriptive visualisations, and a presentation that should showcase the criteria here.

Prizes & Awards

Proposals are eligible for awards in one of the three categories: 

  • Most Promising Proposal: novel concepts addressing unchartered challenges that are actionable immediately. 

  • Radical Realities: powerful visions honoured for their impact at scale, although they may not be ready for immediate realisation due to technological limitations.

  • BlueSky Concept: proposals with the most imaginative, captivating, and ambitious ideas that stand out for creativity and potential profound impact. 

Proposals and visualisations will be assessed according to a variety of criteria related to social impact, environmental impact, feasibility, novelty, DestinE fit, and visual appeal. 

Winning proposals will be awarded with DestinE Platform credits, equivalent to 2.000 Euros. Additionally, winners and runner-ups will receive a unique opportunity to demonstrate their ideas and promising vision to the DestinE community in person at a community event at the end of May. Consideration for future participation in community events and knowledge sharing workshops will be extended to winners as well. 

Timeline of Challenge 

The important dates to remember for this challenge are as follows:

20 March 2024 - Challenge Kickoff
Watch the recording:

21 April 2024 - Submission Deadline for Team or Individual Proposals
See proposal specifications
Early May 2024 - Announcement of Winners and Runners-Up
End of My 2024 - Winners provide public presentations at community event 

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Publication date: 29 Mar 2024

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Nathaniel Cueter

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