Unveils its Suite of Tools for the Semiconductor Sector

23 Jan 2024 has delivered a Suite of Tools including a Marketplace of Synergies

Chips are at the heart of the majority of digital devices. These small yet fundamental building blocks have incited global powers to race for leadership in semiconductor manufacturing. Renowned for its excellence in research and innovation, Europe has strived to lead the advancement in the field to secure strategic autonomy. However, the increasing challenges related to supply and talent shortage have created the need to boost efforts and enhance cooperation on the European level. This is where, a 3-year Digital Europe Program (DEP) project, steps in. 

Addressing Challenges and Fostering Collaboration has been launched at a crucial time, some months before the entry into force of the EU Chips Act. With the objective of supporting Europe’s competitiveness in processors and semiconductors, the project aims to bring together European stakeholders and give them the necessary tools to address the arising challenges. In its first year of implementation, has delivered a Suite of Tools including a Marketplace of Synergies, Observatory and Radar that help strengthen the European semiconductor ecosystem.

Marketplace of Synergies: Boosting Visibility and Collaboration

At the core of the Suite of Tools there is the Marketplace of Synergies, a platform that offers the chance for semiconductor companies to increase their visibility and promote their products. By applying to the Marketplace, European semiconductor companies obtain access to a one-of-a-kind community and synergies with other organizations. When approved, companies can advertise their products, as well as publish opportunities for collaboration, which are further promoted by through its channels. As a result, joining the Marketplace offers such benefits as free-of-charge promotion of products, access to partnership opportunities and increased visibility in the European semiconductor market.  

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Highly connected to the Marketplace, the recently launched Radar provides a high-level overview of the registered companies as well as other initiatives such as EC funded projects and associations getting a bird’s eye view on the state of play of the European semiconductor industry. The Radar leverages the Platform’s visualisation capabilities to showcase the distribution of the companies by technological areas and their position within the value chain. As an example, a user can compare the number of companies specialising in robotics, nanoelectronics or the automotive industry, while also obtaining an understanding of what value chain segment they represent. Given the recent launch of the tools, the number of companies registered on the Marketplace is expected to grow exponentially, which will also reflect in a more comprehensive representation of the semiconductor landscape in the Radar and will help identify gaps in the value chain.

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Lastly, the Observatory complements the Marketplace and Radar with a regularly updated list of events, calls for collaboration, news and much more to bring together industry, academia and policy-makers. Thanks to an extensive list of synergies, cooperates with numerous microelectronics initiatives and companies to ensure the prompt dissemination of opportunities for the semiconductor field in Europe. Furthermore, companies that joined the Marketplace benefit from an additional promotion through the Observatory, which highlights the most recently added products and organizations. 

Shaping the future: Importance of the Suite of Tools

Given the high political and digital relevance of the semiconductor industry for the future of Europe, the Suite of Tools comes at the right time to raise awareness about the strengths of the European semiconductor ecosystem and help identify the potential for further development. 

Our role aims to reinforce the European semiconductor sector by building a dialogue between the industry, academia and policy-makers through a dedicated suite of tools helping to increase competitiveness, build new partnerships, and provide access to relevant market and industry opportunities. To learn more about’s efforts to support innovation and growth in the sector, visit the project’s official website and social media (Twitter and LinkedIn).

Visit the website to discover more about the Marketplace and other tools for the semiconductor industry. 

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Publication date: 23 Jan 2024

Article by

Valeriya Fetisova

Communication, Dissemination & Outreach Specialist