Caring for healthy soils: Trust-IT is leading the National Engagement Events in the NATIOONS project

Caring for healthy soils: Trust-IT is leading the National Engagement Events in the NATIOONS project

17 Apr 2024
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In the continuous drive for healthier European soil, the NATI00NS project launches its second series of National Engagement Events, building upon the achievements of its inaugural round in 2023. Led by Trust-IT, these events play a crucial role in supporting the EU's mission 'A Soil Deal for Europe,' which aims to accelerate the shift towards robust soil health across various land uses. These events will provide guidelines and insights into the application process for the upcoming EU call for proposals for the creation of Soil Health Living Labs.

Within this framework, NATI00NS emerges as a leading force for collective action, rallying stakeholders from 44 European countries to address soil health challenges and develop resilience strategies tailored to local contexts.

At its heart, NATI00NS acts as an advocate for the EU Soil Mission, conveying important awareness messages and empowering stakeholders to achieve the mission's goals. This includes establishing a robust network of 100 Living Labs and Lighthouses to co-create knowledge, test solutions, and showcase their effectiveness in real-world scenarios.

Empowering stakeholders and promoting local initiatives:

These events serve as dynamic venues for knowledge sharing and capacity building, raising awareness of the soil mission's objective and providing stakeholders with the tools and insights required to participate in the next Living Labs 2024 call. Participants obtain vital knowledge about soil health management through interactive lectures, workshops, and technical discussions.

The events prioritize linguistic inclusivity, ensuring accessibility and promoting collaboration across diverse language landscapes. Additionally, attendees will receive guidance on Living Lab applications, with insights shared from previous calls. They'll also have opportunities to express interest in finding partners or positioning themselves as potential collaborators during pitching sessions.

Towards healthier European soils

The second phase of National Engagement Events kicked off with a dynamic hybrid event in Norway on April 10th, followed by an online gathering in Iceland on April 11th. An exciting lineup of events awaits, including sessions in Finland on the 17th, Austria/Germany on the 23rd, Sweden and Romania on the 24th, Cyprus on the 25th, Hungary on the 26th, UK on the 30th, Israel on May 7th, Italy on the 13th, and The Netherlands on the 14th, with more events to be announced soon.

As NATI00NS moves forward, it remains committed to supporting collaborative action and innovation, cultivating a future where European soil thrives. If you are interested in EU Mission Soil, we invite you to go through our lineup, register for the events that interest you, or watch the recording of the event if it’s available.

Our role

Trust-IT, as the main event organiser for the second round of events, is in charge of organising and implementing a diverse range of hybrid, physical, and digital engagements across 44 countries. By tailoring events to national languages and preferences, Trust-IT ensures maximum outreach and participation, amplifying the impact of the EU Soil Mission. 
Furthermore, Trust-IT will co-chair the Italian Engagement Event in Rome with Politecnico di Milano, highlighting its commitment and critical role in achieving the mission's goals. 

Check the list of upcoming Engagement Events across Europe!

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Publication date: 16 Apr 2024

Article by

Fabiana De Carlo

Communication, Dissemination & Outreach Specialist