Empowering women to lead digital transformation

08 Mar 2023
International Womens' Day

Being a set of 2 dynamic SMEs that promote technological advancement and cutting-edge novel software development, Trust-IT+COMMpla is particularly proud to celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day theme “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality” and takes this important day to reflect on its best practices in empowering women in the workplace.

Digital transformation has opened a wide range of opportunities for women's empowerment and the promotion of diverse and inclusive workplaces. Despite this, females are currently underrepresented in multiple tech fields because of the persistent entry barriers.

According to UN Women, females working in AI technologies represent a mere 22% of the global workforce. Similarly, data collected by Deloitte Global shows that although large companies in the tech industry are gradually increasing the overall female representation, the proportion of women in tech roles is still lagging behind and stands at 20-30%.

With studies demonstrating that greater diversity and inclusive policies lead to better business outcomes, there are plenty of incentives to reduce the gender gap and empower more women. Women largely contribute to innovation in advanced technologies, research, and generally science. Nevertheless, it’s up to companies to leverage women’s experience and perspective to solve problems and design innovative solutions.

For this reason, Trust-IT+ COMMpla is more than proud to highlight its diverse talents in the team and the role women play in the company’s business strategy, decision-making processes and guiding flagship projects in ICT primarily on a global level as key features of success on this year’s International Women’s Day centred on innovation and technology.

As part of Trust-IT+COMMpla, our female employees lead complex projects and develop tech solutions thanks to their expertise and curiosity. On our side, we continuously reaffirm our commitment towards accelerating gender diversity and championing more women to thrive in the workplace.

Silvana Muscella, CEO of Trust-IT & Co-founder of COMMpla, likes to remind us that: “as a dynamic and nimble SME, with our multicultural team competing on international markets, we look out for one another every single day and we constantly strive to truly make a positive difference for women. We drive gender parity in the workplace, and we do this both in an individual and collective way - in every context, always”.


Publication date: 07 Mar 2023