The NEB Digital Toolkit

20 Jan 2023

The New European Bauhaus (NEB) is a European movement that aims to bring the European Green Deal principles into our living spaces through sustainability, aesthetics and inclusivity. 

As part of NEB’s ecosystem, the EU-funded project is bridging the gap between local and digital communities, establishing a pan-European digital ecosystem centred upon a NEB Digital Ecosystem which is composed of:

  • Digital Toolkit: a catalogue with over 200 digital solutions for the NEB ecosystem;

  • Observatory: a collection of 500 EU-funded initiatives and success stories to raise awareness towards NEB programmes and the benefits of digital solutions and encourage collaborations;

  • eLearning catalogue: a collaborative online set of courses and training materials aimed at stimulating knowledge and sharing best practices.

Among these, the NEB Digital Toolkit showcases digital solutions that can be adopted by the local players, providing a single access point connecting results from European research with all stakeholders involved in the New European Bauhaus.

The solutions included in the toolkit comprise a wide array of technological applications (e.g., digital twins, governance platforms, building efficiency models) and are applicable in several domains – from large urban centres to small rural communities. 

While only in its first step, the NEB Digital Toolkit already comprises solutions developed by private actors and EU-funded projects and initiatives, making them accessible tools to citizens and cities.

Would you like to search or look for a digital solution that facilitates the implementation of the NEB principles in local communities?

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Our role

Trust-IT acts both technical coordinator and communication leader. In terms of the former, Trust-IT coordinates communications with the project partners, ensuring progress monitoring, delivery check, and timekeeping of project deliverables and milestones and establishing collaborative liaisons with other projects and initiatives in the NEB ecosystem.  

Trust-IT also ensures the technical development of the NEB Digital Ecosystem as a user-friendly platform capable of bringing cutting-edge digital solutions and success stories to the New European Bauhaus ecosystem.

Trust-IT also ensures consistent and content-rich communication and dissemination of the key results towards the NEB community. This is done through a “Communication, Dissemination and Stakeholders Engagement Strategy and Plan”, which covers the organisation of NEB-oriented webinars and workshops, PR initiatives, the development of the project’s graphic identity and the building of its presence on numerous social media platforms.

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Publication date: 24 Jan 2023

Article by

Claudio De Majo