NERO Project Takes Flight - Advancing Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

25 Jan 2024
NERO kick off meeting in Greece

In an exciting development for the cybersecurity landscape, the NERO project has officially launched, marking a shift of focus and a significant step towards improving the cyber-resilience of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).
Funded by the European Union and spanning 36 months, NERO aims to promote the adoption of existing innovative cybersecurity solutions. Coordinated by trustilio and involving a consortium of 16 partners, the project kicked off in December 2023 in Athens, Greece, and Trust-IT is proud to be a part of the initiative.

What is NERO?

NERO, which stands for the Advanced Cybersecurity Awareness Ecosystem for SMEs, is designed to support SMEs, especially in the healthcare, finance, and transport & logistics sectors, and help them improve their preparedness against the ever-increasing cyber threats. The project introduces a Cybersecurity Ecosystem, comprised of five interconnected frameworks (VICTORIOUS, ARCANA, AUDACIOUS, CYBIT, and ASTRAS). These frameworks are dedicated to delivering a robust Cybersecurity Awareness program, aligned with ENISA's recommendations.

Real-world Impact

The effectiveness of these frameworks will be validated through practical use case demonstrations in various domains:

  1. Enhancing Patient Data Security in Healthcare through Cybersecurity Tools.
  2. Strengthening Supply Chain Resilience in the Transportation and Logistics Industry through Cybersecurity Awareness.
  3. Boosting Financial Security through Enhanced Cybersecurity Awareness and Tools.

NERO will unfold in three key phases, starting with an analysis of the current cybersecurity landscape, followed by the creation of a Marketplace offering a Cyber Immunity Toolkit Repository for SMEs, and concluding with a Cyber Resilience Program and Cyber Awareness Training accessible through the Marketplace.

To express interest in participating in the training, SMEs are invited to connect

Training for SMEs

Our role

Within NERO, Trust-IT plays a key role in the work package dedicated to Dissemination, Exploitation, and Promotion, leading efforts to disseminate project results and organize awareness campaigns. Trust-IT's expertise in communication, community building, and event coordination adds a valuable dimension to the project.
Trust-IT also leads Task 3.2, focusing on evaluating cybersecurity tools' readiness for identification, protection, detection, response, and recovery, through the use of the MTRL (Market and Technology Readiness Level) methodology.
Moreover, Trust-IT will also contribute to the creation of training material for SMEs. 
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Stay tuned for more updates on NERO's journey towards fortifying SMEs against cyber threats

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Publication date: 25 Jan 2024

Article by

Cristina Mancarella

Research Analyst