SEEBLOCKS is looking for External Evaluators for the Selecting and Engaging Procedures

17 Aug 2023
seeblocks open call, a 24-month project funded under the Digital Europe Programme (DEP), has recently launched a "Selecting and Engaging Procedures" (SEPs) to recruit experts in the domain of Blockchain and DLT Standardisation. As part of the External Pool of Evaluators (EPE), they aim to assemble 10+ distinguished professionals in the Blockchain/DLT domain, covering diverse sub-topics such as identity management, data provenance, governance, token and asset creation and exchange, process optimization, automation, cybersecurity, applied game theory, and more.

The selected team of 10+ members will play a vital role in ensuring an unbiased, transparent, and consistent review process for SEP applications. These evaluators will be meticulously chosen by the Consortium's partners from the Call for Evaluators, which remains open until September 29, 2023.

As a token of appreciation for their efforts, the selected evaluators will be compensated at a reimbursement rate of €450 per day based on the number of proposals evaluated, with each evaluation allotted 30 minutes per proposal. Experts are encouraged to join in shaping the future of blockchain and DLT expertise and make a meaningful impact in this exciting field!


Our role

Trust-IT serves as the Project Coordinator for, overseeing project activities and managing the development of the web platform for Open Call procedures. We also lead the task of fostering collaboration with other Blockchain Initiatives for European and international coordination.

Apply to become an expert evaluator to support Europe's efforts in blockchain and DLT Standardisation!


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Publication date: 17 Aug 2023

Article by

Rita Meneses

Project Manager