shines at three major Blockchain events in Dublin

04 Jun 2024
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The team had a whirlwind week in Dublin, participating in three major events that showcased their commitment to blockchain standardisation and engagement with diverse audiences. These events not only highlighted's dedication to promoting blockchain standards but also provided a platform to share their ongoing efforts and future goals with an international community.

1) IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (27th May) kicked off the week with a workshop at the prestigious IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Held on May 27th, the workshop titled "Blockchain and Emerging Standards" was a major highlight. This session provided attendees with insights into the importance of blockchain standardisation. The focus was on the newly published ISO/TR 6277:2024 Data flow models for DLT use cases, offering a comprehensive guide on submitting new use cases to ISO 24878. The workshop drew a diverse audience, including researchers, industry professionals, and IT developers, all keen to understand the implementation of blockchain standards. The significant engagemente reflected the growing interest in blockchain technology and standardisation.

2) Blockchain Ireland Week 2024 (28th-29th May)

The momentum continued as participated in Blockchain Ireland Week 2024. On May 29th, hosted an official panel discussion titled "Standards and Innovation in Europe’s Digital Future". The panel featured influential speakers from various sectors, including Jason Ward from Fidelity Inv & Head of FCAT Blockchain & Crypto, Sean Murphy, COO at The Connector, Sudha Iyer from Citi, and David Schwed, COO of Halborn. Moderated by Fiona Delaney, founder of Origin Chain Networks, the panel discussed crucial topics such as the role of standards in blockchain, technical, legal, and governance interoperability, and Europe's digital future. This engaging discussion attracted a large audience and facilitated important conversations about the future of blockchain in Europe. Additionally the project booth showcased videos and conducted interviews, further enhancing their visibility and outreach.

3) ETHDublin 2024 (31st May - 2nd June)

Concluding the week, participated in ETHDublin 2024, a premier event for blockchain enthusiasts and innovators. The project led a workshop titled “Hacking ETHDublin - How to Meet the Standard”. This session was aimed at guiding young digital experts on how to implement ISO Blockchain standards in their products. Using template resources from ISO 24878, it provided a step-by-step guide on submitting use cases, assisting teams in developing their projects. The workshop not only educated participants on blockchain standards but also emphasized's commitment to fostering innovation and technical competence within the blockchain community. General Assembly

In addition to the public events, the team held their General Assembly in Dublin. This marked the first in-person meeting since the Kick-off Meeting in Pisa last July. The assembly was a crucial full-day meeting where partners reviewed the progress of the four work packages, discussed future plans, and strategized on how to achieve the project's objectives. It was a productive session that underscored the importance of close project management and increased communication.

Looking Ahead

The week in Dublin was a significant success for, providing ample opportunities to promote their Standardisation Expert Pool (SEP) calls and other activities, including webinars. Moving forward, the project remains committed to driving blockchain standardisation and innovation. Upcoming initiatives include expanding the SEP calls to attract more EU blockchain experts and increasing outreach activities to consolidate the community. With a focus on fostering collaboration between industry, academia, and policymakers, wishes to solidify Europe's leadership in the blockchain space.

The team continues to drive forward with their mission to support blockchain standardisation and foster innovation across Europe and beyond. For more information on and to stay updated on their activities, visit their website.

Our role

As Project Coordinator, Trust-IT manages strategic and technical activities across, develops the project's web platform for paper-free Open Call applications, and leads Task 3.1 to establish a Permanent Task Force for coordinating with key blockchain initiatives. Trust-IT also handles the project's Outreach & Dissemination strategy, aiming to engage stakeholders, develop the project's website and visual identity, organise events, promote European values through education, define a Blockchain/DLT policy standardisation roadmap, and create a lasting legacy leveraging project assets.

Publication date: 03 Jun 2024

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Rita Meneses

Project Manager