Tackles Blockchain Standardisation for Public Policy and Services in Upcoming Webinar Tackles Blockchain Standardisation for Public Policy and Services in Upcoming Webinar

02 May 2024
Blockchain for Public Services

In conjunction with the launch of their 3rd selection and engagement procedure, is hosting a timely webinar on Blockchain Standardisation for Public Policies and Services. This event delves into the critical role of standardisation in ensuring the widespread adoption and responsible development of blockchain technology for the benefit of society.

Deep Dive: Standardisation for a More Efficient Public Sector

As blockchain continues to permeate various sectors, fostering interoperability and aligning with existing regulations becomes crucial. This webinar brings together a panel of experts to discuss the current state of blockchain standardisation and its significance for public services.

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The webinar will dive deep into several key areas. First, panelists will explore the current state of blockchain standardisation efforts around the world, with a particular focus on the contrasting approaches taken by the European Union and the United States. This comparative analysis will provide valuable insights into the different priorities and challenges faced by each region.

The discussion will then shift to explore how standardisation can act as a catalyst for the digitisation of public services. By establishing common ground and technical specifications, standardisation can streamline data flow between government agencies and create a more interconnected ecosystem. This, in turn, can pave the way for the development of smarter cities that are more sustainable and responsive to the needs of their citizens.

Finally, the webinar will address the importance of striking a balance between innovation and responsible development in the field of blockchain. Technological advancements are exciting, but they must be accompanied by ethical considerations and a focus on user needs. This ensures that blockchain technology is harnessed for the public good while mitigating potential risks.

Fuelling Innovation Through's SEPs is a 24-month Digital Europe Programme project dedicated to supporting European interests in blockchain standardisation. A key component of this initiative is the series of four Selection and Engagement Procedures (SEPs). These procedures provide funding opportunities for a broad range of individual experts that contribute to the advancement of blockchain standardisation in Europe. The third SEP is currently open for proposal submissions until May 20, 2024. To learn more about eligibility criteria and explore the diverse pool of applications funded through past SEPs, visit the website.

This webinar is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in the potential of blockchain to transform public services. Register now and participate in the discussion that will follow the presentations. The target audience includes policymakers, public administrators, businesses of all sizes, public research organisations, higher education institutions, standard development organisations, and certification bodies.

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Publication date: 02 May 2024

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