Shaping a Green Tomorrow: Z-ONA4LIFE at the LIFE22 Projects Welcome Meeting

08 Nov 2023

In an era of sustainability and environmental responsibility, the recent "Welcome Meeting for LIFE22 Projects" has emerged as a pivotal event for kindred initiatives. 

On 11 October 2023, the Z-ONA4LIFE project participated in the welcome meeting for LIFE22 projects. This event, organised by the European Climate, Infrastructure, and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) and powered by the LIFE Programme, brought together a multitude of ambitious projects committed to championing sustainability and environmental preservation.

The Welcome Meeting, a brainchild of the LIFE Programme, created a dynamic environment for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and the acceleration of environmental initiatives. Z-ONA4LIFE stood at the heart of this groundbreaking event, and the following are some of the notable highlights of their experience.

Redefining Aluminium Production: Forging a Sustainable Path Forward

Z-ONA4LIFE is on a mission to advocate for advancements in European policies related to waste management, circular economy practices, and industrial emissions regulations. By utilising zeolites to decontaminate effluents, this project seamlessly aligns with Green Deal policies, serving as a beacon for cleaner industrial practices.

Addressing the urgent issue of aluminium salt slag disposal in Europe, Z-ONA4LIFE's pilot project at ALUSIGMA in Spain is poised to serve as a blueprint for more than 220 recycling plants across the continent, potentially managing an estimated 4 million metric tons of aluminium waste.

Z-ONA4LIFE represents a remarkable journey toward a more sustainable future for the aluminium industry. Rooted in innovation and collaboration, this project not only pledges to reshape aluminium production but also aims to inspire sustainable advancements across diverse sectors.

Key Takeaways: A Vision of Green for the Future

Z-ONA4LIFE gleaned crucial insights and established valuable connections during the event. These experiences are set to shape the future trajectory of the project, enhancing its potential to drive environmentally sustainable change within the aluminium sector.

At Z-ONA4LIFE, there is a firm belief that the pursuit of a greener future is intricately tied to collaborative efforts and the sharing of knowledge. The project’s team participation in the LIFE22 Welcome Meeting underscores its commitment to promoting impactful sustainability solutions and effecting change within the industry.

Our role

The Z-ONA4LIFE project, led by CSIC, comprises six experienced research and industrial partners in the circular economy field. Trust-IT is a key player responsible for disseminating, ensuring sustainability, replication and exploitation of project results. Trust-IT's tasks include communication, event organisation, crafting a business strategy for international markets, conducting market research, and collaborating on impact evaluation, both environmentally and economically.

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Publication date: 10 Nov 2023

Article by

Julie Abergas-Arteza

Marketing Analyst