Championing environmental sustainability: Trust-IT's Commitment to Mother Earth

22 Apr 2024
Mother Earth Day

Our Holistic Approach to Environmental Sustainability

This Mother Earth Day, Trust-IT proudly celebrates our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability. As the communication partner for a wide range of European projects, we recognize the urgency to protect our planet and its wonders for generations to come. 
The health of our planet is interconnected. Our environmental focus reflects this understanding. Our projects address various challenges, but they all contribute to a common goal: a thriving and sustainable Earth.

Protecting our Oceans and empowering Blue Economy

Our oceans hold immense potential for sustainable economic growth. Leading the charge in the Blue Economy domain, Trust-IT proudly coordinates the BlueCloud2026 project. With a vision to unlock the full potential of marine data for societal benefit, BlueCloud2026 aims to foster collaboration and innovation across the oceanographic community. Moreover, through initiatives like AtlantECO and DTO BioFlow, we are harnessing the power of data-driven solutions to support sustainable fisheries, marine conservation, and coastal management. Notably, on this Mother Earth Day, we're excited to announce the inaugural internal training session for the winners of the DTO BioFlow Open Call, taking place in Ostend, Belgium.

Preserving Biodiversity & Nurturing the Soil: the foundation for a sustainable future

Trust-IT's involvement in projects like PREPSOIL, NATI00NS, SOILL, and BioDT underscores our dedication to safeguarding biodiversity and promoting sustainable land management practices. From restoring degraded habitats to enhancing soil health, these initiatives exemplify our holistic approach to biodiversity conservation and soil stewardship. Additionally, our recent endeavor, Boost4BioEast, focuses on fostering bioeconomy innovation in Eastern Europe, further highlighting our commitment to regional development and sustainability.

Elevating Space & Earth Observation: developing powerful tools for informed decision making.

Space-based technologies offer unparalleled insights into Earth's systems, enabling informed decision-making and environmental monitoring. Trust-IT collaborates with leading initiatives like Destination Earth Use Cases and EO4EU to leverage Earth observation data for societal benefit. By harnessing the power of satellite imagery and advanced analytics, we are addressing critical environmental challenges, from monitoring air quality to tracking deforestation trends. Our collaboration with ECMWF further strengthens our capabilities in climate modelling and weather forecasting, contributing to global efforts to combat climate change.

Trust-IT's dedication to environmental sustainability goes beyond Earth Day. It's a core principle that guides our work every day. By tackling complex environmental challenges through innovative European projects, we strive to ensure a healthy planet for ourselves and future generations. Join us in celebrating Mother Earth Day by spreading awareness, taking action, and advocating for policies that prioritise environmental protection. 

Our role

Trust-IT serves as the Event Supervisor for NATI00NS, overseeing the organisation of two event rounds across 44 countries, blending hybrid, physical, and digital formats. Trust-IT also manages the helpdesk, monitoring user satisfaction and supporting capacity-building webinars. Additionally, Trust-IT collaborates with COMMpla for branding and online presence in both NATI00NS and PREPSOIL, ensuring a cohesive and impactful approach.

Trust-IT leads the "web portal, online community engagement, and training" Work Package in PREPSOIL. Additionally, Trust-IT leads and boosts the dissemination and communication activities in the SOILL project which supports, coordinates, expands, and promotes the creation of 100 Soil Health Living Labs and Lighthouses, in accordance with the EU Mission “A Soil Deal for Europe”. 

Publication date: 22 Apr 2024

Article by

Fabiana De Carlo

Communication, Dissemination & Outreach Specialist