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Destination Earth (DestinE) is a European Commission-funded initiative that will develop a highly accurate digital twin model of the Earth for simulating natural and man-made hazards and phenomena. Once developed, it will allow more accurate forecasts and projections for researchers and assist policy-makers in designing accurate and actionable adaptation strategies and mitigation measures.

The initiative will represent a real breakthrough in terms of accuracy, local detail, access to information by simulating natural phenomena and interactivity, and contribute to achieve the objectives of the green and digital transitions set forth by the European Commission in their Green Deal and Digital Strategy.

DestinE is being co-developed by three Entrusted Entities, the European Space Agency (ESA), the European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) and the European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) and their contractors, such as Trust-IT. 

The specific project "Destination Earth Use Cases" contributes to this lager initiative and is funded through ESA. It will procure use cases and build a community around the initiative that can support early usage and exploitation of DestinE. Trust-IT is one of the three partners in the Destination Earth Use Cases project along with RHEA Group, which coordinates the project, and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

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Our role

Leveraging on its experience in the Earth observation, space, and environmental research sectors, Trust-IT will oversee the project's events programme, design and implement promotion activities that will be crucial for the DestinE to gain critical mass, and design, develop and operate the main DestinE website portal, envisioned to be the flagship online presence and reference point of the entire initiative.

In detail, Trust-IT will:

  • Coordinate the promotional activities including recurring updates published on the DestinE website and channels
  • Plan and implement the DestinE Journal blog series 
  • Organise webinars, hackathons, and workshops
  • Organise the DestinE Innovation Prize recognising exemplary use cases
  • Deliver the DestinE Promotional Kit including roll-up, flyer, and brochure
  • Produce the general promotional video and use case videos
  • Implement the e-learning platform to support early uptake of DestinE

Trust-IT also contributes to project management, and user community building and management activities. 


From a technical contributions standpoint, the DestinE Use Cases project will help demonstrate the scientific and technological added value of DestinE for its foreseen stakeholders and end users, and its fit with the objectives of the European Green Deal.  The project will also provide the initiative with its flagship website and contribute to buidling a community around Destination Earth. 

The establishment of a strong and vibrant DestinE User Community will also be crucial in informing the successful and well targeted development and initial operations of DestinE as well as guiding the evolution and sustainability of the platform in later phases of DestinE to respond to the priorities set by European and International policy frameworks.

User communities also serve as a source of ideas to fuel innovation and are the right place to foster opportunities for collaboration and professional growth. Thus, DestinE User Community will lead to the creation of a network where the continuous interactions amongst users and developers as well as stakeholders and partners will not only enhance the development and improvement of DestinE capabilities, but also encourage cross-sectorial collaborations.


Since the project's start in January 2023, the consortium has been working towards delivering the following:

  • Procuring a set of use cases that will demonstrate the potential impacts of DestinE
  • Encouraging the development of downstream applications
  • Delivering an online course with rich training material that can support the uptake of the DestinE platform, services and data
  • Development of online tools for boosting exploitation opportunities such as through an early-stage marketplace or a matchmaking platform.
  • Design, delivery and maintenance of the main Destination Earth web portal

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Funded by the European Union through DESP Use Cases - ESA ESRIN ITT AO/1-11412/22/I-NS.