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A new chance to become greener: attend ICTFOOTPRINT's Workshop on Green ICT in Amsterdam - 20 March 2018
Latest update: 06/03/2018
Would you like to know what to do to become greener in ICT and obtain best in class acknowledgment? Attend the upcoming workshop on Green ICT in practice!
How to ecodesign digital services? Focus on the GreenConcept project - 8th Webinar
Latest update: 12/02/2018
The upcoming free ICTFOOTPRINT webinar "How to ecodesign digital services?" on 28th February 2018 will help you incorporate ecodesign into ICT services, providing you with a focused and clear idea of how you can improve your energy efficiency in ICT.
Nine things we now know about the European open science cloud
Latest update: 23/11/2018

The idea of creating a shared online repository that would make all data from publicly funded research available for anyone to investigate and use, sounds like a laudable and ambitious plan. But how exactly would a European open science cloud (EOSC) work in practice?

Trust-IT is hiring! - Digital Marketing Specialist
Latest update: 19/12/2018
Trust-IT is looking for a dynamic, enthusiastic, competent Digital Marketing Specialist. If you have that extra spark & feel you fit these requirements, apply now!
Trust-IT is hiring! - Technical Project Manager
Latest update: 08/11/2017
Trust-IT is looking for a dynamic, enthusiastic, competent technical project manager with technical background and some knowledge around communications and dissemination. If you have that extra spark & feel you fit these requirements, apply now!
What internet do we want for our future? Share your views on Next Generation Internet (NGI) at ICT Proposers’ Day 2017
Latest update: 06/11/2017
From 9th to 10th November 2017, Budapest (Hungary) will host the ICT Proposers’ Day, a much-awaited networking event taking place once a year and focusing on European ICT Research & Innovation for the Horizon 2020 Work Programme.
It’s time to turn your dissemination around: make the most of your project’s results by maximising its impact.
Latest update: 06/10/2017
If you don’t shout about your research results then no-one else will. Exploit the useful tools available to your European Project such as the new Common Dissemination Booster service: apply by 30th November 2017!
Cybersecurity in practice: get your free cyber-risk assessment with WISER
Latest update: 28/09/2017
Get cyber secure by attending the upcoming free WISER workshop taking place in Pisa on 12th October 2017
CloudWATCH Summit 2017 examines the potential of cloud computing and the barriers preventing cloud services from being widely adopted
Latest update: 25/09/2017
The CloudWATCH Summit 2017 and the CloudWATCH2 EC-funded project examined the growing potential of cloud computing and some of the barriers which are preventing cloud services from being adopted by organisations around Europe.
"Cybersecurity in practice": ottieni gratuitamente un report di auto valutazione dei rischi informatici con WISER
Latest update: 04/10/2017
Proteggiti dai rischi informatici con il workshop gratuito di WISER che si terrà il 12 ottobre 2017 al Polo Tecnologico di Navacchio (Pisa).


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