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Trust-IT designs & delivers an innovative, custom-built ICT Platform to guarantee secure management and a dynamic intranet in School Insurance Brokerage operations
Latest update: 08/09/2017
It's the first time that Trust-IT applies its ICT experience to a private business strictly related to the Public Administration field. helping to break new ground on 5G Health and Standardisation at IEEE 5G Summit 18 September 2017, Helsinki
Latest update: 20/10/2017
The session will see an exceptional line-up of experts from the health Industry, Telecom and Standardisation areas, who will shed light on the challenging theme “The Road to 5G and Standardisation for Health and Care Services”
The Research Data Alliance (RDA) officially releases its first 4 Recommendations as ICT technical specifications
Latest update: 16/08/2017
The 4 RDA recommendations represent a key milestone for RDA's contribution to making research data open, sharable and re-usable across technologies, disciplines, and countries and are building blocks for an interoperable research data environment.
Trust-IT rises to a new challenge in branding, positioning & communicating ICT-intensive services for the astrophysics community
Latest update: 04/08/2017
Trust-IT Services to support LAPP, the OBELISC work package leader, as part of ASTERICS, the Astronomy ESFRI and Research Infrastructure Cluster.
Open House 2017: digital communication applied to arts
Latest update: 27/07/2017
Working everyday surrounded by art? You don’t need to be a museum curator to do it. Check out what happened at our last Open House Exhibition!
What should the Next Generation Internet look like?
Latest update: 10/07/2017

The European Commission in collaboration with NExtIN ( and Polo Tecnologico di Navacchio ( organize a workshop in support of the EC Next Generation Internet (NG

The new EOSC High Level Expert Group is chaired by Silvana Muscella, CEO of Trust-IT Services
Latest update: 30/06/2017
A new High Level Expert Group on the European Open Science Cloud was set up by the European Commission on 21 June 2017, aiming to advise the Commission on the measures needed to implement the EOSC.
Save the Date & Have a Toast with our exceptional Artists: Open House 2017, where digital & culture meet.
Latest update: 16/06/2017
We look forward to meeting you at the 2017 Open House Exhibition on 30 June 2017
Understand your attack surface and get cyber secure with the newly launched tools CyberWISER Essential and CyberWISER Plus
Latest update: 01/06/2017
The best response to proliferating cyber risks is a risk-based cyber strategy. This is where the CyberWISER suite of tools and service packages come into play.
Self-Assess your ICT footprint with's free, quick and easy-to-use SAT-S tool
Latest update: 26/05/2017 presents its free online self-assessment tool SAT-S at REMOO Conference in Venice and announces the launch of the next SAT-O version.


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