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WISER announces the launch of its new, free cyber security posture tool for European SMEs: CyberWISER Light
Latest update: 10/06/2016
CyberWISER Light is a free, new service to build resilience against growing cyber risks, within and outside the company.
Welcoming you to our Open House - 10 June 2016, via Nino Bixio 25, Pisa
Latest update: 10/06/2016
PI Management, Trust-IT Services, COMMpla, Innotec and AQdex are delighted to invite you to the 8th edition of our Open House with artworks by Tiziana De Felice, Alessandro Grazi, Alessandra Parravicini, Selene Precisi e Ilenia Rosati.
Silvana Muscella Master of cerimonies at SecureCloud2016
Latest update: 25/05/2016
Silvana Muscella, CEO at trust-IT Services, is Master of Ceremonies at SecureCloud 2016, the only European conference focussed exclusively on cloud security.
Trust-IT & BlueBRIDGE - European Maritime Day 2016
Latest update: 12/05/2016

Trust-IT is involved in the organisation and execution of the BlueBRIDGE workshop "Towards innovative data services for Blue Growth", which will part of the

Cloudscape Brazil 2016 is approaching. 6-7th July, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
Latest update: 11/05/2016
As a member of EUBrasilCloudFORUM (, Trust-IT is leading the organization of the 3rd edition of Cloudscape Brazil with the ambition to shape cloud developments in both Brazil and Europe.
Unit E2 Concertation meeting - Clusters, collaboration and creating impact in the market
Latest update: 19/04/2016
Clustering and convergence between projects on common themes and challenges, and the re-use of technologies is now a reality in Unit E2.
5G-ENSURE launches to make 5G networks and systems secure and trustworthy
Latest update: 05/02/2016
The 5G-ENSURE project brings to the 5G PPP a consortium of telecom and network operators, IT providers and cyber security experts addressing priorities for security and resilience. Trust-IT will bring a policy-driven approach in its work
EUDAT User Forum, Rome, 3-4 February 2016
Latest update: 18/01/2016
EUDAT invites research infrastructure and community representatives, domain researchers, community managers and data managers to attend its User Forum taking place in Rome, 3-4 February 2016.
Health, Peace and Be Happy in 2016!
Latest update: 21/12/2015
Inspired by humanity and kindness the Trust-IT team enjoys making people's lives a bit better by solving their ICT challenges everyday
Cloudscape Brazil 2015 Federating Cloud e-Infrastrucutres and Creating new Markets
Latest update: 01/12/2015

Cloudscape Brazil 2015, taking place on 1-2 December at the Brazilian Center for Research in Physics (CBPF), Botafogo in Rio de Janeiro, is a 2-day workshop giving public entitites and companies essential and unique insights into what cloud services means for their organisation today.


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