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Welcoming you to our Open House - 10 June 2016, via Nino Bixio 25, Pisa
Latest update: 10/06/2016
PI Management, Trust-IT Services, COMMpla, Innotec and AQdex are delighted to invite you to the 8th edition of our Open House with artworks by Tiziana De Felice, Alessandro Grazi, Alessandra Parravicini, Selene Precisi e Ilenia Rosati.
Silvana Muscella Master of cerimonies at SecureCloud2016
Latest update: 25/05/2016
Silvana Muscella, CEO at trust-IT Services, is Master of Ceremonies at SecureCloud 2016, the only European conference focussed exclusively on cloud security.
Trust-IT & BlueBRIDGE - European Maritime Day 2016
Latest update: 12/05/2016

Trust-IT is involved in the organisation and execution of the BlueBRIDGE workshop "Towards innovative data services for Blue Growth", which will part of the

Cloudscape Brazil 2016 is approaching. 6-7th July, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
Latest update: 11/05/2016
As a member of EUBrasilCloudFORUM (, Trust-IT is leading the organization of the 3rd edition of Cloudscape Brazil with the ambition to shape cloud developments in both Brazil and Europe.
Unit E2 Concertation meeting - Clusters, collaboration and creating impact in the market
Latest update: 19/04/2016
Clustering and convergence between projects on common themes and challenges, and the re-use of technologies is now a reality in Unit E2.
5G-ENSURE launches to make 5G networks and systems secure and trustworthy
Latest update: 05/02/2016
The 5G-ENSURE project brings to the 5G PPP a consortium of telecom and network operators, IT providers and cyber security experts addressing priorities for security and resilience. Trust-IT will bring a policy-driven approach in its work
EUDAT User Forum, Rome, 3-4 February 2016
Latest update: 18/01/2016
EUDAT invites research infrastructure and community representatives, domain researchers, community managers and data managers to attend its User Forum taking place in Rome, 3-4 February 2016.
Health, Peace and Be Happy in 2016!
Latest update: 21/12/2015
Inspired by humanity and kindness the Trust-IT team enjoys making people's lives a bit better by solving their ICT challenges everyday
Cloudscape Brazil 2015 Federating Cloud e-Infrastrucutres and Creating new Markets
Latest update: 01/12/2015

Cloudscape Brazil 2015, taking place on 1-2 December at the Brazilian Center for Research in Physics (CBPF), Botafogo in Rio de Janeiro, is a 2-day workshop giving public entitites and companies essential and unique insights into what cloud services means for their organisation today.

Papà’s preaching really works in the context of opportunities for EU SMEs & H2020
Latest update: 24/11/2015
How to succeed in H2020 programmes (and life)? Just follow some “from the heart” advice (from my late father). By Silvana Muscella, Trust-IT CEO


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