Brief description

ACTRIS is the European research infrastructure for the observation of aerosol, clouds and trace gases. In June 2020, ACTRIS, through the Finnish Meteorological Institute, published an invitation to tender to procure services for the development of its website and the provision of hosting and maintenance services which was awarded to Trust-IT.

Sep 2020 to Dec 2021 Ongoing
Graphics & Promotion
Web-based Solutions

Our role

COMMpla with its controlling organisation Trust-IT was selected in 2020 by ACTRIS-ERIC to deliver a new and improved version of the ACTRIS web portal, providing a better user experience to its community.

The web portal is designed to accommodate external sources of information to be accessed through the portal through APIs and has also provided an internal layer that will allow ACTRIS members to work together through an internal workspace, repository and communication tools such as instant messaging and videoconferencing plugins.

Moreover, an analysis of its visual identity was carried out and our graphics team worked to refresh the visual messaging of the web portal. We also branded Actris' key offerings, making them more identifiable by users.


A modern service catalogue will become the reference point for Actris services and will simplify the collaboration between the project partners.

The goal is not to simply allow users to access the inventory services, but it's to help them find the right data performing searches in natural language, along with the ability to easily browse the resources in catalogue format.


Giulia Saponaro, Communication Officer of the Interim ACTRIS Head Office and ACTRIS lead on the project, said:

We are excited about the launch of the new website. ACTRIS is developing at a fast pace and Trust-IT Services responded to our requests and expectations by providing an agile and scalable platform which also visually convey ACTRIS as a modern, attractive infrastructure.

The platform represents a step forward ACTRIS becoming an operational research infrastructure-indeed an important achievement. We are proud of the work developed in collaboration with Trust-IT Services!

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