Brief description

AI, Data and Robotics (ADR) are enabling technologies that will be key for Europe to respond to modern challenges including the digital transition, industrial competitiveness, and technological sovereignty. In order to exploit them in their full potential, it is essential that the multiple stakeholders being part of these communities overcome their heterogeneity and start a process of collaboration in terms of technology education, technology matching needs, fair and feasible regulation, and international technology standardisation.

In order to ensure a multi-stakeholder dialogue and create a unified community around ADR topics beyond each single domain, Europe has activated several initiatives which are acting together to work toward the objectives of contributing to the creation of a trustworthy, safe and robust AI, Data and Robotics, compatible with EU values and regulations. In this context, the ADRA-e project will actively support the development of such ecosystem by closely collaborating with the ADRA Association and the ADR Partnership

Jul 2022 to Jun 2025 Ongoing
Cloud, Edge, IoT, AI, Data

Our role

Trust-IT is the task leader of Communication, dissemination & exploitation and Development of Adra-e web platform and impact monitoring. Moreover, the team will:

Plan for communication, dissemination, and exploitation
For Adra-e, we will design and implement a coordinated communication and dissemination strategy running throughout the lifetime of the project. The main objective will be to create awareness about the work and results of the project and around the ADRA Association and Partnership around Europe.

Development, hosting and maintenance of the Adra-e web platform website
We will develop, in coordination with the other involved CSA, a UX and SEO-optimised public website that will act as the core of the communication and dissemination strategy. The website will be the main platform that our community will use to gain detailed information and insights on the project's activities and results.
We will design and continuously update the Adra-e web platform. This platform will host the Adra-e Awareness Centre, the Adra-e Standards Observatory, the cartographies and the community tools and services.
Development of dissemination material and activities
 To disseminate the project's activities and results, we will organise and execute various activities:

  • Creation of the project's recognisable branding (PowerPoint template, Virtual call background, Twitter cards, Logo creation, etc).
  • Creation of informative roll-up banners, flyers, and posters.
  • Institutional videos production.
  • Physical events video coverage.
  • Video interviews with the consortium members.
  • Videos per vertical sectors.
  • Workshops, webinars, impact events, and online forums organisation.
  • Social media community management and engagement.
  • News articles creation.
  • Newsletter creation and management.
  • Pay Per Click PPC campaigns with the objective to broaden stakeholder reach, and increase subscribers, especially to the service-oriented items of the project.
  • Community Building

Based on the activities described, we will further leverage various communication channels and tools (website, social media, newsletters, PPCs) to reach out to a series of stakeholders who will be engaged and become an important asset to the project.


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ADRA-e has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement no. 101070336.