Brief description

AI-SPRINT is developing a framework for developing AI applications in the computing continuum with security and privacy built into the early design stage and the seamless management of time-varying conditions typical of real environments. Three real-world scenarios, spanning farming 4.0, maintenance and inspection and personalised healthcare demonstrate the applicability of AI-SPRINT in diverse contexts and the impacts of its novel solutions.

Jan 2021 to Dec 2023
Cloud, Edge, IoT, AI, Data

Our role

Trust-IT is responsible for the coordination of the 36-month AI-SPRINT’s communication strategy, with a wide range of strategic and tactical activities:

  • Visual identity and reputation-building.
  • UX web platform design, rollout and evolution with SEO-driven content creation.
  • Community building, primarily via LinkedIn as a tried-and-tested professional network with informative and SMART campaigns on Twitter.
  • Communications and marketing packages, including video pills.
  • Raising awareness and openly demonstrating clear economic, social, and technological benefits of utilizing AI-SPRINT solutions within the AI market.
  • Maximizing the impact of research, enabling the value of results to be potentially wider than the original focus.
  • Event planning, promotion and impact tracking.


The AI-SPRINT project has achieved the following results to date:
  • 370+ overall profiled community members
  • 130+ participants in 2 webinars
  • 5 peer-reviewed publication and 2 Journal papers promoted

Onboarding your target communities to ensure uptake of research solutions requires a structured approach, deep analytical skills and the design and implementation of communication and engagement plans made up of a mix of techniques and tools.

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AI-SPRINT has received funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 101016577.