Brief description

AI-SPRINT is developing a framework for developing AI applications in the computing continuum with security and privacy built into the early design stage and the seamless management of time-varying conditions typical of real environments. Three real-world scenarios, spanning farming 4.0, maintenance and inspection and personalised healthcare demonstrate the applicability of AI-SPRINT in diverse contexts and the impacts of its novel solutions.


Jan 2021 to Dec 2023
Cloud Strategies

Our role

Many of the benefits of artificial intelligence will come from computing resources at the periphery of the networks where source data is produced. Edge intelligence will become the foundation of all industrial AI applications with most new applications involving some AI components along the cloud continuum with companies already evaluating the use of edge computing for data collection, processing and online analytics to reduce application latency and data transfers.

Trust-IT was a co-author of the AI-SPRINT proposal and leads activities on dissemination and impact spanning Communication, Dissemination, and Stakeholder Engagement, Standards and Open Source Collaborations and Clustering, Exploitation, Business Models & Sustainability and Rollout of the AI-SPRINT Alliance and Adopter Acceleration Club. Trust-IT also supports Market Analysis and Forecasting and is responsible for IP Management. AI-SPRINT is a key opportunity for Trust-IT to sustain the project after its funding lifecycle through the Adopter Acceleration Club as a marketplace for start-ups, SMEs, large companies, system integrators and open source communities across public and private sectors, as well as the AI-SPRINT Alliance for open collaboration and co-creation. 


AI-SPRINT has received funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 101016577.