Brief description

Blue-Cloud aims to build and demonstrate the pilot Blue Cloud as a thematic EOSC cloud to support research for
understanding & better managing the many aspects of ocean sustainability, ranging from sustainable fisheries to
ecosystem health to pollution. The project seeks to bring together leading European marine data management
infrastructures, EOSC horizontal e-infrastructures, and selected marine researchers to capitalise on what exists
already and to develop and deploy the pilot Blue Cloud as a cyber platform bringing together and providing access
to 1) multidisciplinary data from observations and models, 2) analytical tools, and 3) computing facilities that are
essential for key blue science use cases. Those will demonstrate the potential of cloud based science, and also identify
the longer term challenges for wider deployment in technical, organizational, and financial sense. Together these will
provide the basis for a “Blue Cloud Evolution Roadmap” that might be implemented in the upcoming ‘HORIZON
EUROPE’ programme.


Oct 2019 to Sep 2022
Data Management
Research Data Infrastructures

Our role

Trust-IT is the Project Coordinator and leads the activities on “Communication, Stakeholders Engagement & Uptake of Blue-Cloud VRE & services”.

Trust-IT ensures consistent and content-rich communication and dissemination of Blue-Cloud results to its relevant stakeholders, by using multiple integrated communication tools, for the roll-out of the Blue-Cloud services and demonstrate impact in the Blue Economy and the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). This is done through a “Communication, Dissemination & Stakeholders Engagement Strategy & Plan” which covers several communication activities: branding, communication materials (flyers, videos, posters, amongst others), website, social media channels, newsletters, organisation of Blue-Cloud events and presence at third-party events, training activities, and the creation of win-win synergies to enhance the scientific and economic potential and exploitation opportunities of the Blue Cloud services, demonstrators and applications.

In February 2020, Trust-IT led the joint organisation of the half-day workshop “Improving the Knowledge of our Oceans and Seas and bringing them closer to citizens”, conveniently co-located with the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum, which brought together key players and experts from the blue economy around the Atlantic. 

Trust-IT also coordinated the publication of the Blue-Cloud’s position on EOSC (March 2020) and prepared an article which was featured in the marine science publication “ECO Magazine” (May 2020).


Blue-Cloud has received funding from the European Union's Horizon programme call BG-07-2019-2020, topic: [A] 2019 - Blue Cloud services, Grant Agreement n.862409