Brief description is a European initiative that addresses the need for effective, user-friendly environments dedicated to training of private and public professionals in the field of cybersecurity. The project has a rigorous, high-impact validation phase with 3 full-scale pilots, one in academia, and two in critical infrastructures (energy and transport). The project, will provide a set of innovative tools to generate highly detailed exercise scenarios simulating ICT infrastructures to be used for cybersecurity professional training, together with tools and solutions to simulate cyberattacks and defensive countermeasures and a set of highly descriptive economic models for cyber risk assessment and countermeasure suggestion, to boost user training and performance evaluation.

Sep 2018 to Feb 2021
Cybersecurity & Privacy
ICT Standards
Policy & Analysis

Our role

Trust-IT leads the activities on:

Moreover, Trust-IT is responsible for the task on Validation and Replicability and for the Coordination of’s Stakeholders Expert Board. Finally, Trust-IT delivers the Web Platform, the workspace environment, with its eLearning modules, and complementary products, such as the Cybersecurity Professional Register (CyPR) or the SMEs cybersecurity best practices assessment.


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Acknowledgements has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Grant Agreement no 786668.