Brief description

DICE aims to enable a European storage and data management infrastructure for EOSC, providing generic services and building blocks to store, find, access and process data in a consistent and persistent way. Specifically, DICE partners will offer 14 state-of-the-art data management services together with more than 50 PB of storage capacity.

The service and resource provisioning will be accompanied by enhancing the current service offering in order to fill the gaps still present to the support of the entire research data lifecycle; solutions will be provided for increasing the quality of data and their re-usability, supporting long term preservation, managing sensitive data, and bridging between data and computing resources. All services provided via DICE will be offered through the EOSC Portal and interoperable with EOSC Core via a lean interoperability layer to allow efficient resource provisioning from the very beginning of the project. The partners will closely monitor the evolution of the EOSC interoperability framework and guidelines to comply with the rules of participation to onboard services into EOSC, and the interoperability guidelines to integrate with the EOSC Core functions.

The data services offered via DICE through EOSC are designed to be agnostic to the scientific domains in order to be multidisciplinary and to fulfil the needs of different communities.


Jan 2021 to Jun 2023
High-Performance Computing

Our role

Trust-IT services lead the activities related to outreach, stakeholder engagement and service uptake, focusing on the increasing awareness of the services available in DICE fostering the uptake of Virtual Access (VA) requests.

The overriding objective of the DICE Communication strategy is to widely promote the DICE mission, its activities and outputs with tailored and timely messages and support a growing community of users of the DICE data management and storage resources across international borders and domains.

Designing attractive value propositions for potential VA users will be the key element to stimulate the usage of the DICE resources and services and will be the focus of the task.
A series of Open Calls to stimulate usage of available resources and to obtain feedback on usage will be launched and promoted via the EOSC Portal. The promotion of the Open Calls will be supported by the release of use cases per scientific discipline/user role to provide examples of demonstrating workable solutions.
Relevant events for meeting with the demand side to promote the project offer & the VA Open Calls will be identified, and sessions or presentations will be organised to maximize the outreach of the project.
Other activities include the implementation of powerful communication actions to reach the target audience such as periodic newsletters, video testimonials from use cases, etc., setup of tools to streamline internal communication, and liaison with other EOSC/HPC relevant projects to establish synergies and expand the user base.


The DICE project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 project call H2020-INFRAEOSC-2018-2020 under Grant Agreement no. 101017207