Brief description

DITTO is recognised as one of the UN Decade of Open Science for Sustainable Development programmes. It will support the development of digital twins of the ocean as “a realistic digital representation of assets, processes or systems in the built or natural environment”. Its Mission is to develop and share a common understanding of digital twins of the ocean (DTO); to establish best practices in the development of DTOs; and advance a digital framework for DTOs to empower ocean professionals from all sectors around the world including scientific users, to effectively create their own digital twins. 

Jan 2023 to Jun 2023
Green Deal
Web-based Solutions

Our role

Trust-IT was commissioned for designing a new branding of the Digital Twins of the Ocean UN Programme and for designing and developing its new website. The branding constituted of a new DITTO’s logo including the project pay-off.  A branding guideline was also prepared, providing details of the colour palette, typography and fonts, iconography and application of the branding items in different graphical contexts for the client’s perusal.

Following a requirements gathering process and the agreed new branding, the new website for the DITTO community was designed and developed in WordPress, giving visibility to the DITTO mission and its contribution to the building blocks to support a Digital Twin of the ocean, the use cases and projects creating localised Digital Twins and the partners who are joining efforts towards this global programme.

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