Brief description

ECMWF Code for Earth is an innovation programme run by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF). Its aim is to drive innovation and open source developments in the Earth sciences community - supporting developments in weather and climate, Copernicus and Destination Earth (DestinE).

Jan 2018 Ongoing

Our role

Our role in the ECMWF Code for Earth programme is to provide comprehensive support services that facilitate its growth, visibility, and impact within the targeted communities. We achieve this through an array of services, including website design and maintenance, applicant registration systems, dedicated webinars, online advertising campaigns, and programme promotion through various channels. Our contributions extend to video production, brand and graphic design, support desk services, final event support with live streaming, and prize payment services. By offering these services, we enable the programme to focus on its core mission of fostering innovation, collaboration, and positive change in the fields of weather, climate, and atmospheric sciences.


With ECMWF Code for Earth, we aim at:

  • Accelerate the discovery and implementation of innovative solutions that address pressing environmental challenges in weather, climate, and atmospheric sciences;
  • Strengthen the global network of researchers, developers, and enthusiasts by facilitating collaboration and knowledge exchange within our community;
  • Foster strategic partnerships with key sector leaders, such as the Copernicus European Agency and Destination Earth (DestinE) to amplify the program's reach and influence in the field.


Since partnering with the ECMWF Code for Earth programme, we have proudly achieved significant results through our dedicated services. Initially, we designed and created a tailored website to showcase the programme's initiatives. Furthermore, we established and managed the programme's social media presence across LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, accruing over 2,200 total followers and building up a YouTube library of more than 110 videos. Our team has also been proactive in engaging with related communities and forging connections with scientific universities across Europe, fostering a spirit of collaboration and knowledge exchange. These efforts have contributed to the programme's growth, attracting 46 participating teams to date. For the 2023 edition of the programme, we were entrusted with the responsibility of rebranding the initiative from ESoWC to Code for Earth, following the entry of the new partner Destination Earth (DestinE). This milestone further demonstrates our commitment to the programme’s continued success and evolution, as we strive to make a lasting impact in the field.

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