Brief description

The ECMWF Summer of Weather Code (ESoWC) is a collaborative online programme run by ECMWF and supported by Copernicus. ESoWC brings together teams to work on innovative open-source weather-, climate-, and atmosphere-related applications.

Jan 2018 Ongoing
Digital Marketing & Communication
Web-based Solutions

Our role

Our main role is to support ESoWC to strengthen its brand and increase its visibility towards targeted communities in the field.
Our full-service package includes:

  • website design, maintenance and hosting service;
  • implementation of applicant registration system;
  • organisation of dedicated webinars;
  • Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns;
  • programme promotion activities (social media, newsletter and direct contact with relevant actors);
  • video production;
  • brand and graphic design;
  • support desk;
  • final prize payment service.


The ESoWC project will have positive impacts by:

  • finding innovative solutions in the field of weather, climate and atmosphere;
  • organising and offering support for dedicated online and hybrid events;
  • establishing partnerships with other sector leaders, like the Copernicus European Agency, the European Weather Cloud and WEkEO.


Some of the communication and engagement results of the ESoWC project in numbers, as of November 2021:

  • 900,000+ impressions generated by the 600+ Twitter posts;
  • 1500+ followers on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn);
  • 90+ videos published on YouTube.

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