Brief description

EOSC-hub creates the integration and management system (the hub) of the future European Open Science Cloud that delivers a catalogue of services, software and data from the EGI Federation, EUDAT CDI, INDIGO-DataCloud and major research e-infrastructures. The Hub builds on mature processes, policies and tools from the leading European federated e-Infrastructures to cover the whole life-cycle of services, from planning to delivery. The Hub aggregates services from local, regional and national e-Infrastructures in Europe, Africa, Asia, Canada and South America. The Hub acts as a single contact point for researchers and innovators to discover, access, use and reuse a broad spectrum of resources for advanced data-driven research.


Jan 2018 to Dec 2020 Ongoing
Cloud Strategies
Data Management
International Cooperation & Networking
Policy & Analysis
Research Data Infrastructures

Our role

Trust-IT brings its expertise, by leading the activities of  innovation Management, Communication and Stakeholder engagement, which consist of:
•    Development & implementation of a stakeholder-oriented dissemination & engagement strategy.
•    Development & implementation of the project's communications plan to support dissemination & engagement.
•    Ensure that project results are captured, disseminated and exploited.
•    Organise and roll-out a series of EOSC-hub events for all key stakeholders.


EOSC-hub has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 777536