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Brief description

Human spaceflight and robotic exploration are traditionally governed by space agency programmes, governmental funding and public R&TD. The emergence of the so-called New Space Economy in recent years opened up the stage for new companies to enter the sector, bringing new sources of innovation based on disruptive technologies, spinning-in terrestrial technologies and developing scalable business models, most notably in the satellite market. 
To support the integration of European industry in the development of an economic market in LEO and beyond ESA has already taken the first steps, dating back to 2016 with the launch of the so- called commercial partnership initiative marking the beginning of the strategic expansion from institutional to privately-owned and privately-operated human-tendered platforms in Europe. Within this framework, the Business in Space Growth Network (BSGN) aims to provide necessary support- mechanisms for fostering the development of a market for use of human-tended platform in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) as well as lunar mission support services. Initial BSGN related actions focus on marketing and outreach activities, the implementation of BSGN Market-Stimulation Programmes co-funded by third parties and delivered by external partners as well as project-level support mechanisms built on existing frameworks and mechanisms. 
To achieve the aforementioned objectives, both marketing and outreach, as well as business development activities, are being implemented, one of the first being the development of a digital platform constituting the digital home of the BSGN, acting as European “one-stop-shop” for information and resources relating to opportunities in the commercialisation of human spaceflight and robotic exploration.


Image courtesy:
"ICE Cube facility modules" by ©ESA/NASA/JAXA

Feb 2021 to Oct 2021
Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation
Custom Software
Digital Marketing & Communication
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Our role

Trust-IT has been awarded by ESA European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) to develop the web platform constituting the digital home of the BSGN. The secure and trusted platform will help to bridge the gap between science-oriented and capability-driven space sector and the product-driven non-space sectors which could use the space environment to boost their product development. The digital platform is considered key in raising awareness, communicating business opportunities, providing a rich variety of information, promoting success cases, engaging new stakeholders and supporting the development of new user communities to nurture the development of future markets in alignment with the aims of the BSGN.
As part of the winning contract, Trust-IT will design the platform conceptualization and development as well defining a Digital marketing and content strategy for the BSGN.