Brief description

FULL5G is working to progress the 5G PPP (Public Private Partnership) high-level goal of supporting and enhancing the competitiveness of the European ICT industry, and seeking European leadership in the 5G domain.
To this end, it is capturing and promoting the achievements of the 5G PPP (5G Public Private Partnership). A core activity is monitoring impacts on the evolution of 5G in Europe over the period 2020-2021. FULL5G is also investigating future trajectories to maintain European momentum and leadership as we move towards Smart Networks, by also helping to drive the uptake of 5G across European vertical sectors and contributions to standardisation.

Sep 2019 to Aug 2021
5G Vertical Industries & Standards

Our role

As 5G matures, Europe really needs to show industrial sectors how they can gain a competitive advantage by being early 5G adopters, including the implementation of 3GPP release 16 and on-going standardisation work in Release 17 and beyond. 
With its key roles in the 5G Infrastructure Association’s Verticals Task Force and Pre-Standardization Working Group, Trust-IT brings to FULL5G key assets on tracking vertical industry requirements, the mapping of common requirements and monitoring of impacts. 
Trust-IT also contributes to FULL5G through its tracking of trials and pilots across verticals in 5G PPP phases 2 and 3. In FULL5G, Trust-IT will expand and update its online Verticals Cartography, while sustaining its work in several working groups, including automotive and the EC’s Strategic Deployment Agenda, Spectrum, and Trials. 
FULL5G thus gives Trust-IT the opportunity to sustain a set of niche products and services related to 5G Performance KPIs, standards tracking and its verticals cartography. 
Key to the success of 5G will be the strong relations Trust-IT has built with 3GPP, and major industry associations, such as 5G Automotive Association, 5G-ACIA (alliance for connected industry and automation), PSCE (public safety) alongside broadcasting and media, maritime, rail and smart mobility, and utilities.

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Full5G receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020-EU.2.1.1. research and innovation programme under grant agreement no856777