Horizon Results Booster

Brief description

The Horizon Results Booster services are designed and delivered to boost the impact of research and innovation projects, supporting partners in their efforts to ensure their research activities creates a long-lasting impression on the economy and society at large. The project's goal is to maximise the impact of research and innovation projects, their tangible effect on society and economy.

Dissemination and exploitation activities are directly linked to impact. Research and innovation projects generate outputs which can be used, either by project partners or by other stakeholders, to create an Impact as the result of dissemination and exploitation activities. However, for several reasons this is not always happening (e.g. perceiving dissemination and exploitation as “tick boxes, focusing on carrying on project activities vs aligning work with the needs of users and stakeholders, etc.). The consequence is that in Europe, although a lot of high-quality research production, continues to fail to translate research findings or outputs into an impact on society and markets.





May 2020 to Apr 2024 Still active
Policy & Analysis
Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation
Graphics & Promotion
Marketing & Tech Research
Sustainability Strategies
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Our role

Trust-IT forms part of the service delivery team and provides a pool of dissemination experts for the bulk of the dissemination-related services.

Experts from TRUST-IT will be involved mainly in Service 1 Portfolio Dissemination and Exploitation Strategy (PDES), specifically for Module A - Identification and creation of the portfolio of R&I project results, and Module B - Portfolio Dissemination Plan (design and execution), leveraging the previous experience of TRUST-IT in delivering similar services within the successfully concluded Common Dissemination Booster.

These modules provide the following services that are being carried out by Trust-IT experts:

  • Identification of portfolio of research and innovation results
  • Delivering a competitive analysis and positioning for these results
  • Identification and analysis of key target stakeholders
  • Identification of relevant channels to use for dissemination
  • Development of a dissemination plan
  • Providing capacity building (training) on dissemination
  • Production of dissemination materials including, but not limited to flyers, posters, booklets, social media packs etc.
  • Delivering support services for the organisation of, and participation in webinars, exhibitions, workshops, conferences etc.

If you would like to learn more about working towards measuring your dissemination results and in providing support in your digital and communication marketing activities, then we’d be happy to tell you more and provide you with a quote.

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