Brief description

Ilenia Rosati is a Tuscan artist who is particularly active in her hometown, Pisa.
Her works range from painting on canvas to that on paper, from the artworks for children to murals, passing through the design elements with mosaic installations and her - unique - bright paintings.

Dec 2019 Ongoing
Digital Marketing & Communication
Web-based Solutions

Our role

Trust-IT Services is partnering with Ilenia Rosati in its online marketing project. We have created and recently launched her new e-commerce platform to reflect the brand identity and to show her production in constant evolution. 
Now also in English, the web platform includes sections with merchandising and new artworks of “Turn On” series – her unique and peculiar artistic lamps.  

Other than this, Trust-IT Services is structuring a clever digital marketing strategy set between social media activity and “ad hoc” promoting campaigns. 

If you would like to learn more about working towards measuring your dissemination results and in providing support in your digital and communication marketing activities, then we’d be happy to tell you more and provide you with a quote.

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